Outcomes 2017 conference focuses forward in this year’s collaborative presentations and workshops.

Our conference is bringing together seasoned experts in sales, marketing, and product management to discuss current issues facing business professionals.

This year’s program features presentations from executives who will offer their unique perspectives and approaches to win loss and customer experience analysis.

Speaker Spotlight:

Bob Acosta

Senior Vice President, Casualty Sales for Mitchell International

Be A Support Tool for Sales & Account Representatives session

Bob is committed to continuous improvement and development of each member of his national sales team. He is a passionate supporter of the win loss analysis program, which he credits for influencing the modification in his organization’s messaging and sales approach.

Using lessons learned from interviews and recommendations from Primary Intelligence has been a large part of his team’s improved win/loss ratio resulting in increased confidence among team members.

This is Bob’s first year to join the Outcomes conference and he is looking forward to learning from peers and presenters alike.

Bob shared, “I’m excited to connect with others driving change through client and prospect feedback within their organizations.

Learn More About Bob’s Experience with Win Loss Analysis

Bob’s journey with Primary Intelligence has been a learning experience and one that has professionally challenged him to become a better leader. Gaining information from prospects helps reinforce his actions as well as help mold his approach in engaging with clients and prospects to achieve sales objectives.

He uses the win loss program to uncover themes, re-evaluate their messaging, and confirm their understanding of business needs and challenges. He uses this knowledge for team and individual development.

Bob is excited to network with others to understand how leading companies use what they learn from client and prospect feedback to drive change within their organizations.

Listen to Bob’s Strategies at Outcomes 2017

Bob will be speaking at our session “Be A Support Tool for Sales & Account Representatives” on Friday, September 15. Bob has been engaged every step of the way with his win loss program from reviewing the initial reports, attending the Discovery Sessions, and participating in the Executive Diagnostic Meeting. He has implemented many tactical and strategic initiatives to attack and improve business.

RoxAnne Loosle, our program consultant, will co-present with Bob, and they’ll discuss the types of data win loss analysis provide that would prove valuable to account and sales teams.

She shared, “Bob is the leader of a successful group of sales individuals, who has an enthusiasm and appetite for win loss reviews as well as the Discovery Sessions. He listens, absorbs, and then acts!”

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