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Online Interviews

Combine the power of our time-tested win-loss survey paths with the richness of our Live Phone Interviews. Receive qualitative and quantitative insights at scale to uncover blind spots in your go-to-market strategy and sales process that only your buyers can see.

Win-Loss Surveys

How Online Interviews Work

Connect your CRM to TruVoice and create dynamic question paths based on CRM criteria or question responses.

Close deals in your CRM to automatically request feedback from your buyers regarding their experience.

Buyers are reminded on a proven cadence to improve response rates.

Buyers complete the feedback request and see dynamic questions relevant to their buying criteria or responses. Buyers may record audio responses or write responses to give in-depth feedback.

Automatically see and analyze your buyers’ responses within your many TruVoice reports and dashboards to see rich go-to-market insights.

Want to see Online Interviews in action?


Collect feedback for all your deals through automated Online Interviews. The high volumes of quality buyer feedback will help you identify trends – overall, by rep, and by segment – and gain confidence in your go-to-market strategy.


Get feedback from your buyers right after a deal is closed in your CRM as a win, loss, or no decision. Get buyer feedback fresh and relevant to the purchase experience so that you can better understand why you truly win and lose – according to your buyers.


Create dynamic question paths based on fields in your CRM to collect the most relevant feedback per buyer type, product, industry, or other CRM criteria. Get answers and insights specific to each buyer to help you better understand buying committees in depth.

Rich Insights

Get qualitative and quantitative insights from each deal. Automatically analyze responses into digestible reports and dashboards – perfect for sharing with go-to-market teams. Hear the recorded sentiment of your buyers and read responses to see word for word how they felt about their experience.

Online Interview vs. Survey

What’s the difference?

Online Interview

Basic Survey

CRM Connection

Online interviews are connected to your CRM to automatically collect feedback when a deal is closed and dynamically adjust requests based on CRM fields.

Dynamic Question Paths

Online interviews reference your CRM fields to create dynamic question paths to improve the feedback experience for your buyer and collect hyper-relevant feedback to be analyzed.


Online interviews can be customized to help you find answers to your business’ burning questions. Traditional surveys follow our basic, time-tested model without customization.

Automated Analysis

Responses from Online Interviews and basic win-loss surveys are both automatically analyzed into your TruVoice reports and dashboards. 

Automated Feedback Requests

Online Interviews connect with your CRM to automatically submit feedback requests to selected contacts with the click of a button. Basic surveys require a .csv upload into TruVoice.