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What to expect:

TruVoice Account Creation

Begin by submitting information about your organization and product using the button above. 

Program Customization

Our team of win-loss experts will build your automated program to ensure you get the best conversion and unbiased insights.

Kick-Off Call with Dedicated CSM

Schedule a call with your dedicated customer success manager to ensure a seamless onboarding experience.

Submit Contacts for Feedback

Choose and upload the contacts from closed deals – won or lost – that you’d like to collect feedback from. 

Get Win-Loss Insights

Once a feedback request is completed by your buyer, see insights fill up your TruVoice reports and dashboards immediately.


Get access to your dedicated CSM for ongoing support to ensure you get the most from your Win-Loss Analysis. 

Other Customization, Automation, and Integrations

Once your program is up and running, you can work with your CSM to customize and automated your program even further with: 

Domain Authorization

Authorize and send feedback requests from your own email domain. Domain authorization helps to improve conversion rates for feedback collection and usually requires only a few minutes of your IT department’s time. Your Customer Success Manager can work with you to get your email domain authorized during onboarding if you so choose.

CRM Integration

TruVoice fits seamlessly into your CRM so that when a deal is closed, the rep is immediately prompted with a list of contacts to submit for feedback. Within a few clicks, you’ll be able to gather buyer feedback for all your deals without interfering with the rep’s selling activities. You can work with your CSM to set up your CRM integration to fully automate your program from start to finish.

Custom Reports & Analysis

Our team of analysts can create diagnostic reports or conduct discovery sessions to help you dive deeper into the decision drivers behind your deal outcomes. These reports and sessions typically dive into a particular opportunity or segment of your buyer feedback to help you focus on answering a particular burning question you may have.

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Have Questions?

Through TruVoice, Win-Loss Analysis gives you insight into why you win and lose – according to your buyers! 

Get insights around:

  • Top reasons for wins and losses – overall and by rep
  • Competitive advantages and disadvantages
  • Price position
  • Winnable deals
  • Sales experience
  • And much more!

Check out some example insights here: SEE EXAMPLE INSIGHTS

We start analyzing your buyer feedback as soon as your buyer completes the feedback request. The analysis is automatically translated to easy-to-digest reports and dashboards.

As many as you’d like! The more buyer feedback you collect and analyze within TruVoice, the more insights you get to help you improve win rates.