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Predict and prevent “No Decisions” with our fully-automated Win-Loss Analysis platform, TruVoice, and empower you reps to change their sales outcomes.

Win-Loss Buyer Feedback
Over 40% of Opportunities Result in No Decision

Is Indecision Your Toughest Competitor?

Indecision is a critical competitor to overcome.

With over 40% of deals resulting in “No Decision”, you must understand which of your “No Decisions” are still winnable, why your buyer stopped progressing, and how your seller can overcome buyer hesitation.

Your “No Decisions” are low hanging fruit in your pipeline – and we’ll help you win more.

Primary Intelligence leverages the power of TruVoice to fully automate the analysis of your “No Decisions” to provide sellers with understanding, actionable insights, and tactics to overcome buyer indecision.

Why Analyze No Decisions?

Prediction and Prevention

As you analyze your "No Decisions", we'll help you identify the specific ways you can predict and prevent a "No Decision" before it occurs.

Buyer (De)Motivation

Find out why buyers stall, understand their motivators and de-motivators, and help each buyer overcome indecision.

No Decision Playbooks

Power your playbooks with the voice of your buyer and keep buyers confident and motivated through the sales process.

Personalized Sales Coaching

Leverage buyer feedback from "No Decisions" and apply The JOLT method to empower reps with tactics, intel, and confidence to win more.

Increased Win Rate and Revenue

Understand which deals are winnable before it's too late. Increase your win rate and overcome your toughest competitor - indecision.


Avoid the frustration of predicting pipeline and increase the accuracy of your sales forecasts every month.

Win the

Accurately predict which deals are still "fair game" and how to understand the specifics around how they can be won.

Create Better Buying Experiences

Create better experiences by understanding what buyers care about and how your buyers think, act, and purchase.

Ready to overcome indecision?

Win More No Decisions

With our fully-automated Win-Loss Analysis platform, TruVoice, uncovering “No Decision” insights is easy. 

Select No Decisions

Easily submit your "No Decisions" for analysis through your CRM without interrupting your reps' selling activities. Use triggers or have reps select quickly contacts for feedback when a deal is closed.

Collect Feedback

Automatically collect feedback from your "No Decisions", wins, and losses with our time-tested live and online interviews.

Analyze Feedback

Automatically analyze buyer feedback to see quantitative and qualitative insights from live and online interviews on an aggregate or segmented level.

Qualitative and Quantitative Insights

See insights around outcome reasons, strengths and weaknesses, persona analysis, opportunity plays, and much more.

Change Your Deal Outcomes

Easily submit your "No Decisions" for analysis through your CRM without interrupting your reps' selling activities. Use triggers or have reps select contacts for feedback.

No deal is out of reach! Get started today.