Live Win-Loss Interviews - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Live Phone Interviews

Tap into the raw voice of your buyer with live phone interviews. Our expert interviewers follow time-tested methods when speaking to your buyers to provide you with rich insights that power your go-to-market strategies.

Win-Loss Interviews

Get More from Your Win-Loss Interviews

Automatically record and transcribe live interviews within your TruVoice account and hear the sentiment behind the voice of your buyers and customers.

Get qualitative and quantitative insights coded into aggregated and segmented reports. See trends and themes you can share with confidence and align your go-to-market teams.

See buyer feedback tied to your business and stakeholder needs. Get answers to burning questions and get actionable insights.


Win-Loss Interviews Conducted

Ready to uncover your formula to winning?

Time-Tested Methods

With over 20 years of win-loss experience, we know what questions to ask your buyers and how to ask them. Our time-tested methods help us gather more quality, unbiased responses.

Structured Questions

We structure each interview to ensure that insights can be seen on an aggregate or segmented level. Our interviewers dive deeper, asking follow up questions to ensure thorough responses are provided.

Focus & Expertise

All our interviewers are full-time and focused solely on conducting your buyer interviews. Each interviewer is armed with the expertise and training they need to get the most quality responses from each buyer.

Your Win-Loss Team

Our interviewers become an extension of your team by incorporating your brand’s voice, language, and industry expertise as they speak with your buyers. We’re passionate about uncovering your unique insights.

A Strong Foundation

Every live phone interview is precedented by a time-tested win-loss survey.

This provides a foundation for our interviewers to probe deeper into appropriate areas and ensure each buyer’s response is thorough, clear, and complete – especially when it comes to answering the questions your stakeholders care about.

A win-loss interview can provide invaluable insight from your buyers, and this method allows us to provide richer insights than any other provider to empower your go-to-market teams.

Win-Loss Guide to Winning