Top 5 features you requested that are now in TruVoice

New TruVoice went live earlier this year, and since then we’ve been refining it by adding features you’ve requested. Here are the top 5 features you asked for that are now available:

Interview Exports (and updates to them)

On popular demand, interview exports returned to TruVoice—and with a bit of a makeover. We took exports to the next level by adding context and comparisons. You’ll find performance summaries in these reports and performance benchmarking to compare one interview against your average interview.

See all Outcome Reasons

Our Outcome Reasons page now provides quick access to all outcome reasons in both chart and table formats. We start out by showing the top 3 reasons, so you can organize priorities around them.   And from there, you can access the remaining list of outcome reasons to understand other nuances in your buyer base.

Finding out what didn’t help you win can be just as insightful as knowing what did.

Take one of our software clients for example. They had a stand-out feature that none of their competitors offered. Our client nearly always earned higher performance scores in their software tool because of it (competitors just didn’t have anything comparable). But, our client rarely won business due to this feature. It was at the very bottom of their “Why You Win” list.

Our client took this information back to their product team, who used this intelligence to prioritize their roadmap. They shifted their efforts to adding value in areas buyers said directly impacted their purchase decisions. While this feature acted as an occasional differentiator, its placement as a low frequency reason for winning helped them channel resources to more impactful areas.

A few more details… You can export the full list of reasons you win and lose (details here). And, each reason also comes with the ability to drill down, so you can find out what your buyers said about that reason and why.

Quicker Access to Interviews

There’s no doubt about it: interview transcripts are among the most viewed datapoints in TruVoice (if not the most viewed!). To make it easier to access, we reduced the clicks-to-transcript down to just 2 clicks.

Did you know our interview transcripts are completely mobile-friendly? If you’re not already receiving automatic email notifications for each new interview, ask to be subscribed today. Once the notification email arrives in your inbox, you can access the new interview directly from the email—and on whatever device you may be using.

Buyer Analysis Usability Improvements

One of my favorite sayings is: “Ounces are pounds”.  I learned that the hard way when packing for a 22 mile hike along the Kalalau coast of Kauai. Turns out, all of the tiny extras I threw in my pack added up and made it a lot heavier (and kind of miserable).

In the case of Buyer Analysis, we’ve taken this approach—but with a positive twist.

Our analyst team identified a handful of small— yet very impactful—improvements we could make. We changed our scroll bar style, “froze” buttons in place, and improved the search functionality. These simple changes add up to make their work more efficient (which translates to interviews delivered faster for you).

Data Export (Beta)

Our program consultants capture detailed and nuanced insights from each of your buyers, and while our Dashboard pulls out the most important story-lines, there are endless ways you can slice and dice your interview findings.

Data Export makes it possible for you to create whatever custom analysis you need. And, it also gives you a head start: you can pre-filter your data-set before exporting, so that by the time the export arrives in your inbox, you’re already on your way to building a custom report.

Data Export is currently in beta. If you’d like to test it out and provide feedback, send us an email with the subject “BETA Data Export”.

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See all Outcome Reasons, find pricing and KPI data, and more

All Outcome Reasons are Available in TruVoice

Adding all outcome reasons to TruVoice has been one of the most requested features we’ve received since release. Along with expanding outcome reasons to show all reasons for wins and losses (and not just the top 3), we’re introducing an entirely new view of your outcome reasons. You can now toggle between a Summary or a Detailed view of your outcome reasons and view all reasons you win or lose in a chart or table format.

Find all of your reasons for winning or losing by:

Selecting the “Go to details” arrow in your main Outcome Reasons tile.

Then, look for the “Show More” option on your table or chart. Clicking “Show More” will expand your view to list every reason you win or lose. If you’re in table view, you can also see the raw frequency that each reason was a major or minor impact reason.

The new “Details” view now shows your outcome reasons by category or driver. We’ve rolled up all of your outcome reasons into broader buckets, so you can see if you win most frequently due to your sales process or solution, for example.

We often use these categories to frame outcome reasons; this is especially helpful if you’re introducing reasons you win or lose to a new audience. These bigger categories provide context for deeper analysis or discussion. In our example below, our client has a solution-related strength in nearly 90% of their wins, which makes for a great launching point when talking about specific solution strengths.

ICYMI, a little while back we added the ability to export all of your outcome reasons into Excel. This export also includes the “category” for your reference. Click here to see how to export.

How Important is Price? How do you Perform in KPI’s?

TruVoice can now answer both of these questions for you. In the detailed page for, “Importance vs. Performance”, you can find out how important price is to compared to other evaluation criteria. TruVoice also uses a percentile importance score to indicate importance.  Across all evaluation criteria, you can see how important each criterion is on a scale of 0% to 100%.

The percentile importance score has numerous benefits–one of them being that it is more viable to track importance over time and see if criteria “jump” from one percentile score to another. (For those of you accustomed to our weighted importance score, you can still find that as well in TruVoice.)

Compared to other evaluation criteria, how important is price to your buyers’ purchase decisions?

Your KPI performance is also available in the detailed view for “Importance vs. Performance”. And, you can also find out our your competitors stack up in KPI’s too.

You can find both pricing and KPI data by:

From the main Dashboard, locate the, “Your Performance vs. Importance” tile

Click the “Go to details” arrow in the top right

From the Importance vs. Performance page, click the “Go” arrow again

Questions and Answers Tile Includes More Question Types

We’re systematically expanding the list of available questions in the “Questions and Answers” tile. In addition to all open ended (qualitative) questions, this view now contains additional close-ended questions. You can now find an aggregate view of how respondents answered questions, such as:

Would you select the winner again? Did competitors do anything exceptional in their sales process?

Thank You

Did you know that each feature highlighted in this post was a result of your feedback? Thank you for sharing how we can improve TruVoice! We look forward to representing more of your ideas in each upcoming release. Click here to visit our UserVoice site to add and vote on your favorite features.

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