May the fourth’s bug fixes and enhancements be with you! We’ve pushed a double release to TuVoice today. In addition to our weekly fixes release, we also pushed a major update that included some high-priority enhancements.

We’re introducing our new Data Export module (in beta). And you can now export a list of  all reasons for winning and losing. 

Data Export is Available for Beta Testing

TruVoice now supports the ability to extract data in aggregate for Premium subscribers. Data Export allows you to pull all of your interview data into a friendly-formatted Excel file. You can export everything from interview questions and answers to all of the analysis prepared for each interview.

We also had a lot of requests to pre-filter data before exporting it. For example, you may have a large set of interviews but only need to export a certain set, such as interviews tied to a product, tag or outcome. Data Export makes it easy to filter your data-set before exporting, so that your file is ready-to-go when you receive it.

Want to participate in our beta program?

Don’t be left on the Dark Side and join our beta test. You can opt in be sending us an email at [email protected] with the subject “BETA Data Export”. If you already signed up for our beta test – Awesome! You can expect to hear from us by Friday, May 12 with instructions to get started.

Export All Outcome Reasons (top 3 and more!)

Need we say more? Now all of your outcome reasons are available at your fingertips. You can quickly pull a list of all reasons you win and lose by going to your Outcome Reasons tile, opening the options menu and selecting, “Export details”:

Quickly pull all of your outcome reasons into an Excel file

We also squeezed in another helpful datapoint with this export and included the category each reason belongs to. You can use these categories to bucket reasons for winning or losing. Do you win most often due to a sales-related reason? Or do most wins stem from a solution strength?

And one more thing: The Experience Drivers tile for Customer Experience programs also features this new export option. So if you’re viewing Experience Drivers — the reasons customers have a positive or poor experience with your organization — you can also pull the full list there, too.

Next up? You’ll have the ability to see those additional outcome reasons or experience drivers right in TruVoice.

Win Backs Tile Strikes Back: It now shows all potential targets

Our Win Back tile is a tool for marketing or sales teams to identify accounts for prospecting or re-targeting. What makes a good win back target? The short version: You lost the deal but the respondent still views you favorably.

Our Win Back tile now show you the full list of available accounts to review.

As always, you can view our full release notes here.

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