In our short time since releasing new TruVoice, we’ve accumulated some amazing feedback along with feature requests and bug reports. We’re pleased to share that we’ve implemented many of those requests.

In this TruVoice update, you’ll find nearly 20 features that were a direct result of your feedback. Thank you for your input and for sharing how we can better support you. (And, if you haven’t shared your suggestions for TruVoice yet, go here to get started. We want to hear from you!)

Go here to see the full list of enhancements and fixes, or read the highlights of our update below:

Faster Access to Interview Transcripts
Interviews are now grouped by respondent by default. This means you can get to your interview transcripts in fewer clicks…. 2 to be exact, but who’s counting?

Save Your Dashboard Filters
You can now save your filters on the Dashboard and create as many unique pages as you like. You can access your saved filter sets between logins, too.  Here’s how to get started:

1. Add some filters to your Dashboard
2. Go to the options menu and pick “Save Dashboard as”. Give your Dashboard a name and save it.

3. Once saved, you can view this page or go back to a default view (no filters applied) using the control shown in the header.

Import Users to TruVoice
Bring on the users. TruVoice now supports importing users en masse, making it even easier to open access to your win loss or customer experience insights.

New “My Users” Report
We’ve had a lot of requests to show a full list of your users combined with their login history, group membership, and more. In the My Users report, you can see who – of your users – is visiting TruVoice, and you can export this list as well.