Spotting trends using Outcome Reasons by Category

It’s easy to get pulled into the details when analyzing the reasons why you win and lose. However, it can be incredibly valuable to step back and put those specifics into perspective. If you focus too much on a single tree, you might not notice that the rest of the forest is suffering. Our new […]


New price reporting, competitive gap analysis and more

Our TruVoice release today brought new price reporting tools, competitive gap analysis and numerous updates to our research tools. Take a look at what’s new this month and see what improvements are planned for the summer. Price Position Reporting and Filtering Our release included a new Dashboard tile that describes your overall price compared to […]

Top 5 features you requested that are now in TruVoice

New TruVoice went live earlier this year, and since then we’ve been refining it by adding features you’ve requested. Here are the top 5 features you asked for that are now available: Interview Exports (and updates to them) On popular demand, interview exports returned to TruVoice—and with a bit of a makeover. We took exports […]

See all Outcome Reasons, find pricing and KPI data, and more

All Outcome Reasons are Available in TruVoice Adding all outcome reasons to TruVoice has been one of the most requested features we’ve received since release. Along with expanding outcome reasons to show all reasons for wins and losses (and not just the top 3), we’re introducing an entirely new view of your outcome reasons. You can […]

Data Export is available for beta testing, export all outcome reasons, and more

May the fourth’s bug fixes and enhancements be with you! We’ve pushed a double release to TuVoice today. In addition to our weekly fixes release, we also pushed a major update that included some high-priority enhancements. We’re introducing our new Data Export module (in beta). And you can now export a list of  all reasons for winning and […]


Faster Access to Interview Transcripts, Save Your Dashboard Filters, Import Users and More Updates

In our short time since releasing new TruVoice, we’ve accumulated some amazing feedback along with feature requests and bug reports. We’re pleased to share that we’ve implemented many of those requests. In this TruVoice update, you’ll find nearly 20 features that were a direct result of your feedback. Thank you for your input and for […]


How you can influence our TruVoice roadmap

As a product management team, we’re hyper-focused on improving TruVoice, but we can’t make this happen without harnessing the experience and knowledge of the people who work with our tools, day in and day out. While we gain countless insights to define our TruVoice roadmap from our own win loss and customer experience interviewing, along with […]