Customize Your Data Segmentation in TruVoice

To break your data down on additional variables, TruVoice also serves up easy segmentation with “tags,” which are descriptive keywords or labels used to categorize a contact, or characteristics of that contact, with other similar contacts.


How to Add a Tab for TruVoice to Your Account

Adding TruVoice to just takes a few steps.

TruVoice Profiler

Win Loss Opportunity Tiles Versus Opportunity List on TruVoice Profiler Dashboard

Every interview conducted by your Primary Intelligence team is represented by an opportunity tile. These tiles are a quick overview to identify key elements of the sales opportunity.


TruVoice Top Takeaways from Outcomes 2016

At Outcomes 2016, Primary Intelligence shared secrets to integrating TruVoice in your company culture, discussed tips for using TruVoice in your Win Loss and Customer Experience programs, and showed a sneak peek of the new features coming in 2017 and beyond for TruVoice.


Quick Tip! Focus on Your Most Recent Competitive Wins and Losses

The Competitive Advantage widget in TruVoice Analytics helps you pinpoint your precise advantage or disadvantage against each of your competition in every decision criterion during the sales process. Armed with this knowledge you can increase the overall strategic value of your Win Loss data.

TruVoice Profiler

Navigating the Buyer Interview: What do your customers tell us?

Your Program Consultant collects both qualitative and quantitative feedback through a web survey and phone discussion. By asking key questions, the consultant uncovers which factors affected the customer’s decisions. This feedback is then turned into insights and made available in TruVoice.

TruVoice Analytics

How Knowing Strengths & Weaknesses Helps Companies Succeed

The Strengths and Weaknesses widget displays the competition’s average rating for decision criteria and your relative performance. Identifies your competitors lowest performance ratings (your potential “strengths”) and highest performance ratings (your potential “weakness¬es”) across the primary decision drivers. Strengths and Weaknesses graphs pinpoint the areas you should exploit and avoid when competing against the vendor. Ratings represent the average on how buyers perceived the vendor after an evaluation. Your competitor’s weaknesses (in green) are your best bet for gaining an advantage while their strengths (in red) could pinpoint potential risk.

TruVoice Profiler

How Well Do You Perform in the Factors Most Important to Your Buyers?

How is your performance in the most important criteria to buyers? Knowing this answer ensures you are identifying tactics and strategies focused on decision influencers critical to the buyer rather than influencers with marginal impact.

TruVoice Analytics

Which Factors Give You the Greatest Advantage When You Win?

In TruVoice Analytics, the Stated Impact on Purchase Decision widget helps you understand which criteria most likely had an impact on your buyers’ decisions. It also helps you understand how you performed compared to the competition in those criteria.

TruVoice Profiler

New to the TruVoice Profiler Dashboard? Take a Guided Tour!

The TruVoice Profiler Guided Tour brings the most important functions of the program to the forefront and gives an introductory description to each one. With a few simple clicks you can go from being a novice to an adept user of your TruVoice software.

TruVoice Analytics

Discover Win-Back Opportunities With TruVoice Analytics CX Widget

Even though your customer stated they will evaluate other solutions when it comes time to renew, you may still have a chance to win them over again.

TruVoice Analytics

How the Experience Drivers Widget Helps You Mitigate Risk

The Customer Experience Drivers Performance widget shows the performance differences between customers for each experience driver and influencer. It displays your average ratings in all experience criteria.

TruVoice Analytics

What’s Your Competitive Advantage For Last Quarter?

The Competitive Advantage widget helps you identify your precise advantage or disadvantage against each of your competitors in each decision driver during the sales process and to increase the overall strategic value of your Win Loss data. The performance scores of you and your competitors across each decision driver feed into the competitive advantage scoring formula. You can use the competitive advantage widget to identify aggregated strengths or weaknesses against one or all competitors.

TruVoice Profiler

How to Search for Key Words within the Interview

The text search in TruVoice Profiler enables you to search the interviews in two ways: You can search across all profiles from the dashboard, or you can search within an individual profile.

TruVoice Profiler

How to Search for Key Words Across All Interviews

The text search in Profiler enables you to search the interviews in two ways: You can search across all profiles from the dashboard, or you can search within an individual profile.

TruVoice Analytics

How to Use Filter Groups in TruVoice Analytics

Filter groups cluster filters independently of filters outside of the group. Within the filter group, you can apply either the AND or OR condition. Data that results from applying a filter group must satisfy all filter conditions defined in the filter group in addition to any filters that exist outside of the group. You can use filter groups to apply rules to your data and target a specific data segment.

TruVoice Profiler

How to Use the “And / Or” Toggle in TruVoice Profiler

The TruVoice Profiler dashboard has built-in filters such as the And Or toggle which allow you to filter on key elements from the intelligence collected.

TruVoice Analytics

How often do your competitors win and lose sales opportunities?

Keeping score is fundamental to understanding how big of a threat each competitor really is. The Key Competitor Statistics widget is your scoreboard. See how often you’re competing against each vendor (according to buyers, not your sales automation tool) and how the competition is fairing in those deals.

TruVoice Analytics

TruVoice shows how you stack up against the competition

In TruVoice Analytics, you can access the “Competitors” filter from the widget options menu of the Strengths & Weaknesses, Key Performance Indicators, and Stated Impact on Purchase Decision widgets.

TruVoice Profiler

Quick Tip! How to Analyze Key Performance Indicators in TruVoice

You can quickly analyze your organization’s success along clearly-defined performance metrics (key performance indicators) and identify outliers in performance measurements.