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State of Win Loss 2017 Report

2017 State of Win Loss Industry Report

How companies are using win loss analysis to increase revenue

Competition increases each year for B2B businesses. Many companies are realizing the importance of win loss analysis, the study of past sales deals.

As responsible sales, marketing, and product leaders, you must use data-driven analytics to produce actionable intelligence and develop strategies to create a competitive advantage. You know what matters most are the initiatives you’ll take to lead your teams to success.

Do you know:

  • Why you win or lose sales opportunities from the competition?
  • How much potential revenue you company is losing?
  • What your competitors and peers are doing to increase sales wins?

Get the report that shows you how to reach business outcomes in a disruptive marketplace.

In this free report, you’ll learn:

  • The strongest benefits you will realize with win loss analysis.
  • Who’s conducting win loss analysis and the most successful tools and methodologies they use.
  • How win loss programs help assess and manage the competitive climate.

Find the answers to your questions in the 2017 State of Win Loss Industry Report.