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State of Win Loss 2015

Learn What Leading B2B Organizations are Doing to Diagnose Why They’re Winning and Losing

Increasing revenue by winning more sales opportunities. It’s the goal of nearly all organizations—in every sector, in every industry, in every part of the world. Win Loss Analysis helps you figure out how to grow revenue through sales successes.

This eBook shares three key findings from Primary Intelligence’s most recent State of Win Loss report along with recommendations you can put in place today on how you can ensure your Win Loss efforts are profitable.

The State of Win Loss is a tool for sales, marketing, training, and C-level executives to better understand ways in which leading organizations are utilizing Win Loss programs to win more deals. The report answers key questions surrounding Win Loss initiatives, including:

  • Who within the organization is typically responsible for collecting and analyzing Win Loss data?
  • What are the key benefits associated with Win Loss initiatives?
  • What’s the typical length of Win Loss programs?
  • How much do organizations spend annually on Win Loss efforts?
  • Which stakeholders are actively supporting Win Loss initiatives?
  • How prevalent and effective are third parties in running Win Loss programs?
  • Who has internal access to Win Loss findings?
  • How frequently is Win Loss data available currently, and what’s the desired level of availability?
  • Which Win Loss data collection tools are in greatest use today?
  • What are the key reasons organizations lack Win Loss programs?

Download this eBook today to learn what leading B2B organizations are doing to diagnose why they’re winning and losing.

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