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State of Customer Experience 2016 eBook


State of Customer Experience 2016

Learn how organizations are leveraging customer experience programs to build customer loyalty and grow long-term revenue

Customer Experience (“CX”) programs provide insights into customers’ overall experiences with their vendors, helping providers gauge how well they’re delivering on solution, sales, service, and support promises. B2B organizations are increasingly using CX initiatives to drive buyer loyalty, increase customer “stickiness,” and realize long-term customer and revenue retention. The best firms are devising ways to leverage Customer Experience programs to grow and expand revenue opportunities within their installed base.

This eBook shares three key findings from Primary Intelligence’s most recent State of Customer Experience research, along with recommendations you can use to ensure your CX program is successful. We also provide quotes from leading Customer Experience practitioners to highlight the passion behind this topic.

The State of Customer Experience is a tool for account teams, marketing, service and support reps, and C-level executives to better understand ways in which leading organizations are utilizing CX programs to retain and grow customer accounts. The report answers key questions surrounding Customer Experience initiatives, including:

  • What are the key benefits associated with Customer Experience programs?
  • Who within the organization is typically responsible for collecting and analyzing CX data?
  • What’s the typical length of CX initiatives?
  • How much do organizations spend annually on Customer Experience tasks?
  • Which stakeholders are actively supporting their organization’s CX efforts?
  • How prevalent and effective are third parties in running CX programs?
  • Who has internal access to Customer Experience findings?
  • How frequently is CX data available today, and what’s the desired level of availability?
  • Which Customer Experience data collection tools are in greatest use currently?
  • What are the key reasons organizations fail to implement or continue CX programs?

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ebook: State of Customer Experience 2016