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Changing Your Sales Outcomes (Detailed Report)

Changing Your Sales Outcomes

(Detailed Report)

Did you know that 36% of lost deals could have been won if the sales team did something different? Our comprehensive market research study “Changing Your Sales Outcomes” analyzes business deals from 1,000 competitive B2B sales opportunities in health care, software, hardware, and services revealed a hidden opportunity: Buyers are willing to give one in three losses a second chance.  But, this also means a smart competitor could snatch a win you think you’re on track to close. Before you slash your price to stay competitive, read our study to learn how you can win without impacting your bottom line.

This report relays advice gathered straight from your buyers, including:

  • What areas of the sales process matter most to buyers
  • How to understand your buyer (and prove it, too)
  • The top three product pitfalls you need to avoid
  • How your price does (and doesn’t) influence a loss
  • Success stories and learning opportunities from your industry peers

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