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Industry Insights Report

Changing Your Sales Outcomes (Detailed Report)

This comprehensive win loss analysis study examined 1,000 B2B sales opportunities in multiple industries and revealed a surprising fact: Buyers reported that the losing vendor could have won 36% of the deals they lost if they had done a few things differently in their sales process.  And here is the surprising part… price was rarely the main reason for their selection. From the report: “Sales issues were the most prevalent weakness buyers said a losing vendor could have corrected to win.” Before you cut your price to stay competitive, read our study to learn how you can win 36% more of the deals in your pipeline.

This Industry Insights Report details intelligence gathered straight from buyers, including:

  • What areas of the sales process matter most to buyers
  • How to understand your buyers and avoid “sales mishaps”
  • The top three product pitfalls to avoid
  • How your price does (and doesn’t) influence a loss
  • Best practices followed by winning vendors

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