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B2B Buyer Loyalty Report

B2B Buyer Loyalty Report

How Sales Engagements Can Influence Product Perceptions, Referrals, and Future Business.

When you lose a deal, will you have a second chance to prospect with that decision maker in the future? Will coveted decision makers be willing to recommend products and services they didn’t purchase to others in your industry? How significantly does your overall brand influence buyers’ purchase decisions?

The B2B Buyer Loyalty industry report digs into these topics and more based on over 10,000 interviews with leading B2B decision makers from five key industries. The study delivers a unique look at how those decision makers framed their decisions about loyalty with the vendors they considered, including both winning and losing vendors, examining topics such as:

  • Which loyalty indicators are strongest in buyers’ evaluations?
  • How well does loyalty track to buyers’ overall decision satisfaction?
  • Should sellers continue to pursue buyers who have declined to purchase from them in the past?
  • Which industries are most and least successful in consistently rating high in loyalty metrics?
  • Which geographic regions have the best and worst loyalty ratings?
  • What should I do to increase my buyer loyalty ratings with B2B buyers in future sales opportunities?

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