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How to Run a Discovery Session

Align Your Organization with Win-Loss Insights

Why run a discovery session?

Discovery sessions are focused on diving deeper into your win-loss analysis and sharing those insights with the appropriate stakeholders in your organization. A discovery session is a structured exploration into your buyer feedback focused on a specific opportunity to help you get to the root causes of why that deal came to a particular outcome.

Discover Sessions can help you:

  • Align departments within your organization
  • Answer specific questions you have about your buyers
  • Focus on a particular segment of your buyer feedback
  • Personalize coaching for an individual rep
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How It Works

Watch Videos and Training

Complete our training program to learn best practices for conducting impactful Discovery Sessions.

Shadow an Expert

Join an expert at Primary Intelligence as they conduct 3 Discovery Sessions and learn best techniques.

Conduct Your Own

Conduct 3 Discovery Sessions of your own with the support and shadowing of a Primary Intelligence expert.

Audit & Feedback

Get feedback from your Primary Intelligence expert to help you best conduct Discovery Sessions.

Get Additional Coaching

Get access to a Primary Intelligence expert as you continually conduct Discovery Sessions

Create Alignment

Run Discovery Sessions with confidence to help create alignment for your organization.