You’ve held focus groups. You’ve conducted surveys. You’ve analyzed customer interactions and coached your sales team on all the latest and greatest closing techniques. Yet, your sales and revenue remain flat. Frustrated, you continue doing what you’ve always done because, well, what else are you going to do? As a small or medium-sized business, there doesn’t seem to be an answer besides spending an inordinate amount of money on customer experience analysis. But, that’s only for the big businesses with deep pockets. Right?

Wrong! At Primary Intelligence, we know what it’s like to run a business on a tight operating budget. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies just like yours. Small or medium-sized companies that want to win business and close deals, but that don’t have a line item dedicated specifically to customer experience analysis. We’ve helped these companies succeed and we can help yours too.

What is customer experience?

At Primary Intelligence, we are your partners. We help you:

  • Gather real-time customer feedback as your customers travel through the buying journey
  • Discover what is really holding you back from true customer loyalty
  • Coach you as you operationalize industry best practices
  • Uncover problems that could derail the customer relationship with your company or your sales team before it is too late

All of this is packaged in our system called TruVoice. In today’s sales environment, you need to know if your solution meets the needs of your customers. Our customer experience analysis teaches you how to grow and retain revenue by studying your current customers. It shows you if and how your customers are benefiting from your solution. Simply put, TruVoice tells you if you’re creating customer loyalty or not.

Making customer insights affordable

You may be thinking, “This is great! But again, I’m on a budget!”  That’s okay – really. TruVoice’s automation makes completing CX (customer experience) easy and economical by using an automation process. Many businesses focus only on Net Promoter Score (NPS).

If you’re not familiar with the term, NPS is essentially a rating system in which customers tell you their likelihood of recommending your business (or your solution) to a family or friend.

  • Those who provide a score of 9 or 10 are deemed “Promoters” and are likely to continue to do business with you. They are your evangelical, “scream from the rooftops about your business” customers. They are the ones you want.
  • Those who provide a score of 7 or 8 are known as “Passives.” Their loyalty could change with the wind.
  • Those who give a rating of 6 or below are the “Detractors.” These are the people who tell 10 people about how terrible their experience was. Definitely NOT the reputation you want.

More than NPS

While many businesses depend and rely exclusively on NPS, we’ve discovered that it isn’t as comprehensive as businesses often need to make sound decisions. It simply doesn’t yield the information you need about why you won a sales deal or why you lost it. That’s where our TruVoice comes in.

So, how does Primary Intelligence and TruVoice make customer experience analysis cost-effective?

  • TruVoice integrates into your existing CRM software to automatically extract customers to be contacted. (If the CRM integration isn’t possible, you are able to batch upload your clients’ names and the names of the decision makers within those companies.)
  • It automatically prompts your staff to identify the individuals who can give the best feedback about whether or not they purchased your product or service and why.
  • TruVoice manages the email outreach to your clients asking for them to complete an online survey that goes beyond typical customer satisfaction and NPS.
  • Your feedback automatically starts rolling in!
  • TruVoice then automates insights based on responses, giving you a deal-by-deal look into how each of your customer’s journeys are progressing as well as aggregated trend data.

Suddenly, with minimal effort and investment, you have actionable data from which you can make informed and impactful decisions. Your customer experience analysis program is fully automated, limiting the need for manual oversight and effort. Because of this, your CX program is less expensive, making it affordable to the SMB company.

Continuing the conversation

customer experience phone callIn addition to the automated data, your customers can opt-in to participate in a phone interview. You can select which customers to contact via phone to gather deeper insights. This process helps ensure you are using your research dollars in the most effective way possible.

Now you understand each and every customer’s journey, and that feedback is coming directly from your customers. Not from your sales people’s beliefs about your customers. There is often a marked difference between the two perspectives.

Making customer insights affordable for the SMB market

In today’s ultra-competitive environment, your success depends on your ability to understand your customers – what they want and what they need. It is critical to know if your solution meets their needs. Likewise, quantitative and qualitative data to help identify and solve customer pain points in the customer journey is equally important. As the old adage goes, knowledge is power. Automated customer experience analysis through TruVoice gives you just that – the knowledge and power to launch your business to new heights at a price you can afford.

For more information, including a detailed pricing review, please contact us at 801-838-9600 or drop us an email at [email protected]. You can also visit our website for demos and details.

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