Customer Data

Customer Data - Feedback Inc.

When gathering information from your customers, make sure it translates to a better relationship with them. Stats, measurements, and surveys have to be a means to an end, not THE end.

Soft Sell


The hard sell may get you some success, but in the long run it will destroy relationships. Focusing on the needs of your buyer will create effective, long-term business relationships and generate more revenue.

The Cool Companies


Treating your buyers in a condescending manner does nothing but hurt your relationship with them. Sell them the solution that matches their need and don’t force unnecessary options into the deal.

Just Code Faster

Code Faster - Feedback Inc.

We all think everyone else’s job is simple. We tend to forget all the little things that make a seemingly simple task a much bigger deal. Be patient with others’ workload as you only understand the surface of what they have to do.