New and Improved!

New and Improved Product

Sometimes, in our effort to build a better product, we expect it to do all the work for us. I like how phones tout new gadgets, but never tell us they run longer, have less bugs, and are less prone to breaking. Cars advertise new WiFi and speech-control options, but don’t show us whether the car is less likely to be in the shop every other week.

New and Unimproved


I tend not to be an “early adopter” since rarely does the “latest thing” solve anything new. The same may be with your clients. Make sure you’re not pushing the latest improvements if it has nothing to do with their needs.

Core Product

Core Product - Feedback Inc.

It’s possible to be too efficient in focusing on the core elements of your product. Remember that ancillary elements can still have great impact on the main goal.

Product Release Day

Product Release Day

If you’re excited about a new product launch, why aren’t you excited about it six months from now? Just because you have fatigue selling the same thing doesn’t mean it’s the perfect thing for your client or prospect.