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customer journey optimization

Tap into the voice of your buyers and customers to understand how you can create the most effective customer journey from beginning to end. 

Learn how to optimize your customer journey by using automated buyer feedback and win-loss analysis.

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Your B2B customer journey, elevated.


The voice of your customer uncovers specific pain points, industry needs, competitive intelligence, and other trends to help you understand where to focus your marketing efforts. These insights help you understand who to target and how to message your offering in the beginning of the customer journey to create awareness that captures the attention and speaks to your buyer on a deeper level.


As the buyer’s journey shifts to a digital experience, marketers must understand what buyers truly care about when making a purchase decision. By tapping into the voice of your customer, you can gain strategic insight into how you should message, position, and differentiate your solution throughout your marketing efforts. 

Your voice of the customer shows you exactly how to shorten the buying cycle and nurture leads quickly. 

Sales Experience

Your buyers will tell you how to win more deals. The voice of your customer uncovers blind spots in your sales experience that only your buyers can see. Understand what is most important to your buyers when it comes to making a purchase decision and optimize the sales stages of your customer journey to increase win rates. The voice of your customer can provide sales coaches and reps with specific insights to help each individual rep improve, build confidence, and internalize feedback – so they can win more!


You can understand what decision drivers cause your opportunity outcomes and how each sales rep can influence your buyer’s decision by listening to your customers. Eliminate ambiguity around no decision deals and identify what can be done to prevent losses. Sales and marketing can leverage the voice of the customer to help buyers feel supported and confident about choosing your solution by using insights and quotes from buyer feedback.

Implementation and Onboarding

Gauge how your buyers feel about onboarding and implementation by tapping into the voice of your customer. This enables you to optimize processes to create better customer experiences and ensure expectations are aligned when onboarding. Understand how to put your best foot forward to build a strong foundation at the beginning of any partnership. 

Customer Experience

Your customer experience team will need to continually provide value and align with your customer’s evolving business needs. By leveraging the voice of your customer, you can ensure your customer experience is optimized to create customer loyalty and strong customer relationships. The voice of your customer also helps you identify at-risk accounts and take actionable steps to save the account prior to renewal. 


Unfortunately, your customer experience team doesn’t always know for sure which customers will renew. Better predict renewal pipeline and ensure your customers never have a reason to leave by using the voice of your customer. Uncover the decision drivers behind won or lost renewal opportunities and understand how you can improve renewal rates quickly.


Listen to the voice of your customer to understand which accounts would make great case studies, testimonials, or advocates to help you win new business. 

Use quotes from your customer feedback to support your sales and marketing claims and build trust with prospects. 

How do I tap into the voice of my customer?

Best for Sales Leaders

Sales Experience Analysis

Uncover blind spots in your sales experience and processes that only your buyers can see to help you win more.

Best for Marketers


Discover the reality behind deal outcomes according to your buyers – and learn how to win more opportunities.

Best for All Stakeholders


Understand what your competitors are doing to adapt within your market and how you can stay ahead.

Best for CX Leaders

Customer Churn Analysis

Identify at-risk accounts and improve customer experience by understanding your clients’ needs and expectations.