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customer experience and churn analysis

Grow account revenue, prevent customer churn, and create a better experience for your customers. with Customer Experience Analysis.

Experience Drivers in TruVoice Customer Experience Analysis
Customer experience analysis and coaching in TruVoice

what is customer experience and churn analysis?

Customer Experience Analysis studies your relationship with current customers to help you identify what is (and is not) working within your CX processes, product, or service.

Improve customer satisfaction, secure at-risk accounts, and identify opportunities for account growth with Customer Experience Analysis.

more than NPS

Get unbiased insight into your accounts to understand how your customer experience impacts revenue and win rates.

Customer Experience Analysis enables you to:

customer experience

build customer loyalty

Identify which accounts are flight risks and focus on areas that inspire retention.

Customer experience analysis win-loss analysis

understand needs

Keep up with your client’s evolving business needs to ensure your product or service continues to solve their pain points.

product fit win-loss analysis

align expectations

From deal close to renewal, discover if you’re delivering an experience that is in line with customer expectations.

Competitive sales strategy


Uncover growth opportunities as customers reveal additional problems they are trying to solve.

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the customer journey

Customer Experience Analysis is an invaluable step in your customer journey. Use CX Analysis following implementation to understand how well your onboarding processes align with customer needs and expectations. Continually get a pulse on customer needs and loyalty by running analysis during your customer’s contract and before renewal.


automated customer experience insights

Through our seamless platform, TruVoice, we automatically collect, compile, and analyze your buyer feedback into easy-to-read reports and dashboards so that you can uncover your unique path to decreasing churn and growing account revenue.

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Through automation, we collect first-hand feedback from all your accounts so that you can get a holistic view into your customer experience. Simply select the contacts you’d like to collect feedback from, and we’ll trigger a dynamic, time tested survey to help you get unbiased feedback about your customer experience.

Yes! After 20+ years of running analysis, we know what questions to ask to get unbiased feedback from your customers. We start with our time-tested surveys and interview guides to help increase response rates and layer in customization based on persona, deal-type, product, and other deal criteria.

Once your program is launched, you’ll be able to see your feedback immediately after a response is submitted.

We automate your customer feedback into easy-to-digest reports and dashboards so you always know what’s going on with your customers. 

Get insights around things like:

  1. At-risk accounts and how to save them
  2. What is (and is not) working within your CX processes
  3. Evolving customer needs and how to meet them
  4.  And more!