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Custom Win-Loss Reports

Want to dive deeper into your Win-Loss Analysis? Our team of analysts is here to help. With custom, diagnostic reports, discovery sessions, and explorations into your buyer feedback, we’ll help you find answers to all your burning questions. 

Win-Loss Experts

Make Sense of Your Data

Win-Loss Analysis insights are incredibly powerful for understanding your buyers. Whether you’re a win-loss veteran or this is your first program, our analyst team is here to ensure you understand your data on an actionable level.

As your partners in Win-Loss Analysis, we help you make sense of your data and find answers to your burning questions so that you can uncover your unique go-to-market path. 


Your Partner for Change

By studying your buyer feedback, you blaze your unique trail to winning more. Our team of win-loss experts will help you find insights that inspire impactful change to your go-to-market strategy, sales efforts, and business objectives. 

We’ll help you build confidence and get buy-in with sales and your executive team to help you align your go-to-market teams and understand your insights on the deepest level possible.

Our Win-Loss Analyst Team


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Automate Win Loss Analysis

Custom Win-Loss Reports

TruVoice has detailed and comprehensive reporting built in, but if you’re needing help compiling additional reports, our team is here for you.

Get buyer-powered sales and marketing intelligence delivered to your team to help you answer the burning questions you have about your buyers.

Discovery Sessions

Discovery sessions are focused on diving deeper into your win-loss analysis and sharing those insights with the appropriate stakeholders in your organization. A discovery session is a structured exploration into your buyer feedback focused on a specific opportunity to help you get to the root causes of why that deal came to a particular outcome.

Discover Sessions can help you:

  • Align departments within your organization
  • Answer specific questions you have about your buyers
  • Focus on a particular segment of your buyer feedback
  • Personalize coaching for an individual rep
Automate Win Loss Analysis

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