Crayon Integration - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Buyer-based, Integrated Competitive Intelligence

We are excited to announce we have partnered with Crayon to assist in increasing the effectiveness of your competitive intelligence programs by combining Crayon’s market-leading competitive intelligence platform with TruVoice and the richness of the voice of your customer.

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Your competitors won't stand a chance.

Enhance the performance of your go-to-market team by seamlessly integrating and automating the flow of competitor-specific data and insights from your win-loss program into your competitive intelligence program.

Gain insight into how competitors are adapting, learn strategies to maintain your competitive edge, and boost your sales reps’ confidence when facing competitors.

How it Works

Your win-loss program, which utilizes TruVoice to gather and categorize buyer feedback, is an excellent source for gaining insight on competitors. The data and insights can then be easily viewed in Crayon battlecards, newsletters, or dashboards through TruVoice Widgets.

1. Select Widget

Create TruVoice widgets that are customized to your needs, showcasing a competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, or history and set the widget’s data filters to meet your specific use cases.

2. Insert Embed Code

After customizing your TruVoice widget to fit your needs, copy the embed code or widget URL and paste it into the Content control in your Crayon Battlecards and Boards.

3. Real-time Integration

When your buyers provide feedback on competitors through your win-loss program, these insights are immediately accessible within your Crayon battlecards and boards.

TruVoice Win Loss Analysis Software