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competitive analysis

Understand what your competitors are doing to adapt and how you can stay ahead with competitive intelligence and battlecards powered by your buyer feedback. Experience this unbiased competitive analysis tool.

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Competitive intelligence win-loss competitive analysis

what is competitive analysis?

TruVoice facilitates a Competitive Analysis using feedback directly from your buyers to understand your buyers’ true perceptions of your competitors. Discover your strengths and weaknesses against each competitor and get actionable insights to prepare your reps to combat competitive claims.

You can also combine these buyer-based insights with other competitive intelligence tools to help you close the loop on your competitive analysis.

level up with competitive intelligence

Uncover your buyer’s true perception of your competitors, discover your strengths and weaknesses, and empower reps to combat competitive claims.

Competitive Analysis empowers all revenue drivers including:


marketing strategy

Understand how your solution meets buyer needs in comparison to your competitors. Improve market positioning and better differentiate your offering. 

Sales strategy win-loss and sales enablement


Empower your reps with competitive data and tools, like battle cards, to help reps speak confidently to competitor claims and better differentiate your solution.

Competitive sales strategy


Executives can learn from competitive insights to make high-level, data-driven business decisions and know where to focus budget and resources. 


product development

Discover how your product compares to competitors in your market. Determine the value of features and build a product roadmap that keeps you ahead.

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automated competitive intelligence

Through our seamless sales experience platform, TruVoice, we automatically collect, compile, and analyze your buyer feedback into easy-to-read reports and dashboards so that you can uncover your unique path to winning more.

TruVoice is an invaluable tool for gathering competitive intelligence insights from  the purest source – your buyers!


Win-loss competitive intelligence impact

sales confidence

competitive analysis tools for your sales team

Many sales reps lack the technical or industry knowledge to confidently speak to competitor claims. By leveraging the voice of your customer, you’ll get competitive intelligence compiled into easy-to-read reports and dashboards plus sales enablement tools like automated, buyer-powered battle cards.

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