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Analytics in Competitive Intelligence: Stated vs. Derived Importance

In the end, using the most sophisticated analytics tools to determine the key influencers will eventually provide the greatest strategic decision-making ability for your company. In many cases, this approach has improved company performance much more than gut feeling, reactive competitive intelligence programs, and stated importance measurements.

New Industry Report Available, “Changing Your Sales Outcomes”

Buyers across industries shared this common narrative, too. If you can sharpen the tip of the spear—your sales team—and understand your buyer’s needs first, then you’ll have a better chance of hitting the mark with both your product and price. The ability to understand and address a buyer’s needs is the key difference between closing the deal or ending up in the “done differently” group.

How to Better Handle Buyer Objections

Product objections are more likely to occur at lower levels because they’re closer to users and may be interested in getting granular about features. In stark contrast, Key Players want high-level views focusing on features that help them improve business outcomes. Identifying areas of potential value and payback will be the priority.