Why Predictive Analytics Matters

Imagine that you are a professional poker player. As you look at your cards, you realize you have no concept of what to bet. You stare at your hand, but even though you know you’ve won pots before, you can’t use that knowledge to predict your odds of winning again. If only you could use predictive analytics to increase your odds of winning.

Poker is a game of leveraging odds: pitting the chance that you hold the best hand against those of the other players. Without an understanding of those odds, a player will lose a lot of money very fast. Professional poker players are experts at understanding the odds before them and how to bet appropriately to maximize their winnings while hedging against losses.

If you are in marketing, sales, market research, or an executive, much of your job revolves around weighing the odds of strategic decisions. If you don’t have some understanding of the ramifications of each move, you can lose a lot of money very fast for both you and the company.

TruVoice software from Primary Intelligence filters out the unnecessary data that can distort your understanding of the odds. By developing impact scores based on statistical modeling, Primary Intelligence can point out the areas of your business that will bring you the best ROI with the least dollars invested. In this way, you can act as the professional poker player: positioning yourself for greater returns while hedging against unnecessary losses.

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