Win Loss Analysis is your Sales Game Tape

The Power of Game Film in Win Loss Analysis

From Little League to Big Business

My 10-year old son plays Little League football and his dad happens to be the coach. Our Little League conference limits the amount of practice time each team can participate in, and any organized meeting together watching game film counts towards the team’s weekly maximum allotment.

With consideration to that rule, “Coach DeLong”decided to skip the game film collaboration in pursuit of more drill time and ended up just emailing the film for the players to review on their own time. As you could most likely predict, performance slipped, and the team— former state champions—began to lose games.

It became evident quickly that the reason the League counted game film as practice hours was because doing so would give those teams a very strong competitive advantage.

Win Loss Analysis: Game Film for Your Sales Team

Being in the Win Loss industry, many of us here at Primary Intelligence could argue that being walked through the game tape is just as valuable as what is learned on the turf. Win Loss analysis provides actionable insights in real time and prioritizes improvements. It also shows stakeholders in your company which plays and strategies are working (and justify duplication) and which ones need to be ripped from your playbook.

Most importantly, having an “outside view” of what happened, as opposed to just your small piece of the interaction, allows you to get an unbiased perspective of the factors that affected the outcome of your sales opportunities.

Analysis Now Leads to Success Tomorrow

Hopefully, by including a strong win loss analysis program to your sales efforts, your organization can see the same benefits experienced by my son’s team. Quickly realizing that eliminating the game film debriefing sessions was a reason for declining performance, Coach decided to bring back the weekly game film review, and the team began to see positive transformation right away.

If you are curious as to how our boys did, I am happy to say they did end up rebounding from their losses and won the State Championship once again. The photo above was captured just after their overtime win. The boys wore purple socks in honor of a young lady who is currently winning her battle with cancer. I couldn’t be more proud of these boys and the lessons they learned from their experience!

It’s a lesson we can all benefit from, no matter what age, or what team we’re on.


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