Outcomes 2016 Conference

Join the Conversation! Share Your Business Stories at Outcomes 2016!

Do you love sharing your stories and knowledge about your Win Loss and Customer Experience programs? Are you interested in hearing successes and struggles with improving sales and revenue? All in a casual setting?

Why not join us for roundtable discussions at our Outcomes 2016 conference in Park City, Utah this October?

A roundtable discussion is the perfect place to meet your peers and learn from their expertise and experience. Roundtable participants enjoy the informality that a panel presentation can’t supply and appreciate the candor from colleagues.

Primary Intelligence will host four roundtable discussions at Outcomes 2016:

Build Engagement

Session A: Empower Sales Teams

Session B: Develop Stakeholders

Engagement Experts

RoxAnne Loosle, Program Consultant

Glen Remy, Program Consultant

Executive Sponsors

Mike Brose, VP of Sales

Brodie Smith, VP of Employee Success

This roundtable discussion will focus on building engagement strategies for sales and account teams and executives. Here’s your chance to share and discover the best ways to get others to see the value in your Win Loss and Customer Experience programs. The first session focuses on demonstrating value to the sales teams and overcoming “witch hunt” mentality. The second session will be about how to demonstrate value to executives, develop stakeholders, and build cross-department interest.

“The most important benefit is how clients can utilize our service offerings. There are many areas that may not be fully utilized by clients that could really help take their business to the next level. This conference gives them the opportunity to hear presentations and have open discussions with the Primary Intelligence team as well as other PI clients and partners.” ~ Brodie Smith, VP of Employee Success


Execute Details

Session A: Close the Sample Loop

Session B: Cultivate Smart Data

Program Execution Experts

Graham Triggs, Program Consultant

Jaelyn Solomona, Customer Success Manager

Executive Sponsors

Erik Westerlind, VP of Customer Success

Patrick Ferguson, VP of Marketing

The Execute Details roundtable discussion is the place to be if you want to talk about the most important factors to guarantee success with your Primary Intelligence program. Find out why paying close attention to the details when it comes to setting up your sample process and data tracking is crucial to success. Get specific tips from the experts and your peers. The first session focuses on sample do’s and don’ts and the difference between an effective and defective sample process. The second session will zero in on data tracking such as using tags, secondary information, and products.

“I am excited for our customers who attend Outcomes 2016. The customer conference is such a unique opportunity to hear from peers on how they have leveraged their Primary Intelligence programs for organizational and personal success. I believe those who come will be surprised to learn how much more they can elevate their PI programs.” ~ Patrick Ferguson, VP of Marketing


Inspire Change

Session A: Organizational Alignment

Session B: Captivating Insights

Transformation Experts

Lisa Allen, Program Consultant

Miranda Loosle, Software Support Specialist

Executive Sponsors

Ken Allred, CEO

Lance Davis, VP of Business Development

Join the Inspire Change roundtable discussion to learn how to move beyond the data/insights and actually make an impact with your Win Loss and Customer Experience programs. Find out how to align your program objectives with the “big picture” of your organization and distribute information which demands collaborative action. Session one focuses on access to Primary Intelligence data/insights as well as program outcomes versus organizational outcomes. In session two, you’ll discover ways to keep everyone engaged and why different insights apply to different roles.

“I am excited about bring our amazing customers together in an environment where we can focus on the current challenges they’re facing and expose them to content and best practices that can help them take their programs to the next level.” ~ Ken Allred, CEO


Discover Trends

Session A: Competitive Landscape

Session B: Customer Tendencies

Trending Experts

Carolyn Galvin, Director of Partnership Marketing

Ralph Nielsen, Program Consultant

Partipating Partners

Rick Crump, KineticXperience

Adam Stein, APS Marketing

Looking for the emerging B2B trends that you need to stay on top of? Then sign up for the Discover Trends roundtable discussion! The B2B market is changing, both from a competitive standpoint and a customer perspective. Delve into key issues surrounding B2B markets as they relate to competitive and customer dynamics. Session One is devoted to examining competitive dynamics in the B2B market, including ways firms can stay ahead of their rivals, win coveted contracts, and increase long-term revenue growth. Session Two explores how customer needs are evolving including how different customer personas impact purchase decisions, how customer journey mapping helps vendors understand their customers’ buying experiences, and more.

I am most excited about the Round Tables. These interactive sessions will allow customers to collaborate on best practices and learn new ways to deploy our solutions directly from our experts and from their peers in other organizations. ~ Patrick Ferguson, VP of Marketing


Which roundtable discussions will you attend? Sign up for Outcomes 2016 today!

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