Effective Competitive Intelligence: Why Timeliness is Key to Success

One of the biggest obstacles to creating effective competitive intelligence is the timeliness of the data. If intelligence is not available at the moment of need, it does little good. And the value deteriorates quickly after the decision for which it was generated has been made.

Improve Your Win Rate By Turning a “No Decision” into a Win for Your Sales Team

The client’s top executives and sales manager told us that they wanted to learn how to improve sales practices. They just didn’t understand where they succeeded and where they failed. The sales teams blamed the pricing or missing features, but none of them requested feedback from their buyers.

What is Sales Intelligence?

Sometimes, it is interesting to try to classify different areas of research and intelligence to see how certain specialties have originated, evolved and grown into their own species, so to speak. This study of sales intelligence can provide intelligence practitioners with the ability to see…

Analytics in Competitive Intelligence: Stated vs. Derived Importance

In the end, using the most sophisticated analytics tools to determine the key influencers will eventually provide the greatest strategic decision-making ability for your company. In many cases, this approach has improved company performance much more than gut feeling, reactive competitive intelligence programs, and stated importance measurements.