Outcomes 2017 Speaker Spotlight: Frank Visgatis

If you are looking to visibly understand how to improve sales performance to win in a highly competitive market, then sign up for Outcomes 2017 conference.

Outcomes 2017 will be the event for valuable networking opportunities. Collaborate and generate innovative ideas with other sales, marketing, and product management professionals.

This conference is an intensive and intimate opportunity to connect with business leaders and listen to their strategies.

Speaker Spotlight:

Frank Visgatis

President & Chief Operating Officer for CustomerCentric Selling®

Co-Speaker for Delivering Outcomes; Not Data with Ken Allred, CEO

Panelist for Outcomes Success Panel with Nick Siddoway, VP, Delivery & Transformation

Outcomes 2017 Frank Visgatis President & CEO CustomerCentric Selling

Frank is an American author, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and Sales and Management consultant. He is known for his sales training and consulting work worldwide with global organizations in high technology, software, travel and other B2B and B2C organizations.

Frank authored CustomerCentric Selling (Second Edition) published by McGraw-Hill in December 2009, which introduces the new needs of selling in a buyer-driven world. He also contributed work to the original CustomerCentric Selling published in November 2003 and Rethinking the Sales Cycle published in December 2009, also published by McGraw-Hill.

Frank shared, “I’m very excited to be a part of the Outcomes conference this year. Primary Intelligence has a great focus on buyer needs, which is the core of what CustomerCentric Selling® has been delivering since 2002. I’m looking forward to participating with the other speakers so I can contribute my thoughts and insights on what organizations can do to better align with their buyers and make a direct impact on their revenue performance.

Learn More About Frank’s Experience on a Successful Buyer-Driven Sales Process

Frank’s ability to identify trends and changes in the sales ecosystem has helped improve the dynamic of interaction between sellers and buyers through the development of CustomerCentric Selling® and Sales Ready Messaging®.

His vision has propelled CustomerCentric Systems®, LLC as one of the industry’s top providers of sales process consulting and sales training since 2002. CustomerCentric Selling® has been named to Training Industry’s Top Sales Training Companies every year since 2009 and trained thousands of organizations worldwide to improve performance and increase revenue.

Frank is a regular contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, Sales & Marketing Management, Training Magazine, a professional NSA Member (National Speakers Association) and graduate of the Zig Ziglar Speakers Institute. (For more information, visit www.customercentric.com or www.frankvisgatis.com.)

Listen to Frank’s Strategies and Best Practices at Outcomes 2017

Frank will be speaking at our session “Delivering Outcomes; Not Data ” on Thursday, September 14.

Ken Allred, our CEO, will co-present with Frank.

He’ll also be a panelist for the “Outcomes Success Panel” with Nick Siddoway, VP, Delivery & Transformation.

Register today so you can listen to Frank’s stories and best practices. Hurry! Limited seating available.

Outcomes 2017 No Experience Necessary



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