Outcomes 2016 Conference

Don’t Miss Hearing From Your Peers at Outcomes 2016!

Are you getting ready to elevate your outcomes? Outcomes 2016 is just a few weeks away.

Primary Intelligence is excited to have three of our clients – your peers – as our special guests at Outcomes 2016. They will be sharing best practices and insights on how they use Win Loss and Customer Experience to close more deals, grow revenue, and improve customer success.

The following special guests will be co-presenting with our Program Consultants at Outcomes 2016:

Outcomes 2016 Special Guests – Your Peers


Brent McKnightBrent McKnight

VP Customer Success


Brent McKnight became involved with Primary Intelligence when he took over as VP of Customer Success at Infinisource in 2015. The insights gained from the in-depth interviews with customers proved to be a valuable step in improving the overall customer experience at Infinisource. As this was a new department in the organization, it had the focus and attention of the CEO and Executive Team.

Infinisource uses Win Loss and Customer Experience analysis for its larger customers and proves to be a valuable method of gathering critical information that the customer may have been hesitant to provide directly to Infinisource. Brent is excited to share his insights on how Win Loss and Customer Experience garnered the attention of all levels of the organization from CEO to the Customer Service Representative.

Brent will be co-presenting with Program Consultant Glen Remy for the Elevate Your Program, Session 1: Winning the Sample Battle with Engagement breakout session. Learn more about this session HERE.


Kara PrestonKara Preston

Manager, Sales Strategy

Interactive Intelligence

Kara Preston has a longstanding career in competitive intelligence and Win Loss analysis stemming from her strong sales and marketing experiences with organizations like Hill-Rom, Cerner Corporation, and Interactive Intelligence Group.  Kara’s goal has always been to continually improve win rates and customer retention. Kara started her first Win Loss analysis project with Primary Intelligence in 1999 and looks forward to networking with her colleagues at the inaugural Outcomes 2016 conference.

Kara will be co-presenting with Program Consultant RoxAnne Loosle for the Outcomes 101, Session 2: The Secret to Reaping Rewards with Disruptive Data breakout session. Learn more about this session HERE.


Rob SidrowRob Sidrow

Sales Operation


Rob Sidrow has been passionate about Win Loss analysis since the turn of the millennium.  A long-time Primary Intelligence customer, Rob has introduced sales-related improvements at various employers by leveraging Win Loss insights. Rob’s primary application of Win Loss has been within the Enterprise Software/Services sector with tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and now Dell. He is constantly seeking to improve his understanding and abilities in this field. Rob greatly looks forward to collaborating with – and learning from – other attendees during Outcomes 2016.

Rob will be co-presenting with Program Consultant Ralph Nielsen on the importance of TruVoice adoption. Highlights will include common obstacles, benefits, and a real-world example on how Dell Services utilizes TruVoice.


Join us at Outcomes 2016! Learn from and be inspired by your peers on how to grow revenue and reach ultimate customer success.

Outcomes 2016 w/ Your Peers


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