Outcomes 2016 Conference

Outcomes 101: Turning Data into Revenue

As with everything in life, having goals is important. Without a destination in mind, you could wander aimlessly for months or even years without really accomplishing anything. The same holds true for strategic Win Loss and Customer Experience programs.

Data may be interesting but if it’s not actionable, then it’s ultimately useless. At Primary Intelligence, our mantra for Win Loss and Customer Experience programs is to deliver outcomes – not just data.

Think of data as your roadmap to revenue through organizational change.

Turning Data into Revenue

What’s an Outcome?

Outcomes are measurable, time-bound, and specific goals that have a direct impact on your program’s success:

Win Loss

  • Increase win rates
  • Grow deal size
  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Improve market share

Customer Experience

  • Retain clients
  • Improve client growth
  • Retain revenue
  • Gain new offering acceptance

And that’s the core of the Outcomes 101 breakout track at the Primary Intelligence Outcomes 2016 conference!

Immersing yourself in this track dedicated to ROI, transformation, and increasing revenue will make you an outcomes person too.

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect:

Session 1: Outcomes: Your Roadmap to Revenue

Focus: What Are Outcomes and Why Are They Important?

Learn how our most successful customers have identified outcomes for their programs and have turned the corner from getting great data out of their programs to realizing results that have a direct impact on revenue.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Understand why you should create an outcome
  • Identify the different phases of outcome creation and the benefits you can expect
  • Through a case study, learn how a client has impacted their organization’s success as a result of tying an outcome to their program

Speaker: Lance Davis, VP of Business Development

“It’s really been a good experience to see a number of our clients share the outcome of their program with us in 2016. Understanding specifically what our clients are hoping to achieve with their Win Loss or Customer Experience program gets the entire team, our clients, and Primary Intelligence focused on the end goal and working towards their outcome.” ~ Lance Davis, VP of Business Development


Session 2: The Secret to Reaping Rewards with Disruptive Data

Focus: Aligning Individual Department/Program Goals with Organizational Goals

Find out how a fully-implemented Win Loss program can bring big rewards to you as an individual, as well as to your organization as a whole.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Hear real-world examples of how implementing a Win Loss program and having the courage to drive and possibly even disrupt your organizational culture can help you achieve desired personal and organizational outcomes
  • Gain ideas on the many ways you can use Win Loss programs to meet the various desired outcomes specific to your role

SpeakerRoxAnne Loosle, Program Consultant

“What motivates me about my role as a consultant is the idea that I can help my clients make changes that can improve their win rates. I hope they will feel motivated as well as have the courage and confidence to determine how they can drive change within their organization to get to their desired outcome. Driving for improved outcomes demands disruption. I am particularly excited to have one of PI’s clients as a co-presenter. She will be able to speak about how she has been able to drive change at her organization armed with the Win Loss program.” ~ RoxAnne Loosle, Program Consultant


Session 3: Optimize Your Future

Focus: Looking to the Future—Why You Need Outcomes (Benchmarking, Buyer, and Customer Trends)

Learn key findings from Primary Intelligence’s industry research conducted over the past 18 months, including strategic Win Loss and Customer Experience buyer, competitor, and industry trends.

In this session, you’ll hear the single most important finding from five Primary Intelligence industry studies, along with reasons the finding is so compelling to you as a player in the B2B market. A panel of Primary Intelligence partners will then share real-world stories, examples, and experiences related to the finding, driving home real-world applications that relate to Primary Intelligence’s industry research.

Featuring guest panelists:

What You’ll Gain: 

  • Relevant industry research from the latest Win Loss and Customer Experience research studies
  • Reasons the research is so compelling to you
  • Real-world examples of how the research relates to competitive sales and renewal opportunities
  • Ideas you can use to improve your win rates and customer retention strategies

Speaker: Carolyn Galvin, Director of Partnership Marketing

“I’m excited to share Primary Intelligence’s B2B industry research, along with real-world stories and examples from our partner community. This marriage of research and practical partner insights will help customers better understand key trends in Win Loss and Customer Experience Analysis, including best practices for winning new customers and retaining existing accounts.” ~ Carolyn Galvin, Director of Partnership Marketing


Are you ready to join us?

Outcomes 101 - Turning Data into Outcomes

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