New eBook: Understand 3 Buyer Perceptions to Increase Win Rates in Close Competitions

What perceptions do B2B buyers consider when choosing between you and your closest competitor? This is critical. Because understanding how buyers perceive your company and knowing which attributes are most important to them, will be the difference between winning or losing a tight race where features, functionality and price are similar. A buyer’s overall perception of you is tied to several main attributes like reputation, industry experience, company size, who your customers are and more. These all play a critical role in that buyer’s decision. Understanding which of these company attributes are most important to buyers can position you to increase your win rate and most importantly, help you beat that closest competitor. You know the one.

Our latest Industry Insights Report “B2B Vendor Success,” focuses on buyer perceptions and was developed directly from buyer feedback. The report outlines which attributes B2B buyers feel are the most important in making purchase decisions. This free eBook “Understand 3 Buyer Perceptions to Increase Win Rates in Close Competitions” summarizes the report and discusses the three most important buyer perceptions uncovered by the research and includes recommendations on how to leverage this knowledge to beat your competition.

The B2B Vendor Success report analyzes research from over 10,000 B2B purchase decisions since 2008 to explore the perceptions that influence B2B buying decisions beyond price, features and functionality.  So even if your company’s products/services are well aligned with buyer needs, this research explains how also being aligned with the most important buyer perceptions will lead to greater sales success.

You can also learn more by reading this blog, written by the report’s author Carolyn Galvin, Director of Industry Insights for Primary Intelligence.



B2B Vendor Success Ebook


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