How our new Discovery Services give you results

When it comes to win loss and customer experiences programs, our customers tend to have one of two goals in mind:

1. Collect feedback about their performance in recent deals, or
2. Reach an outcome, such as a 10% increase in their win rate

There is value in both objectives, but there is also a critical difference. Here’s how I think about it: In each voice of the buyer program, a problem or question prompts the research initiative. This problem is like a leaking faucet. For our first goal, we can solve the problem by offering a bigger bucket. Capturing more feedback from buyers means we achieve more of our objective. But, to reach an outcome and to change the result, we can’t simply catch the overflow; we have to fix the faucet.

As more of our clients choose an outcome-oriented goal, more are asking, what does it take to fix the faucet? What separates a data collection effort from a program that gives me an outcome, like an improved win rate or customer retention rate?

The answer is simple:

Our upgraded Discovery Services reveal how your internal activities help or hurt your win rate and what you can do about it.

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Introducing: New Discovery Services

We recently refined our Discovery Services with your success at the center. Our updated Discovery Services reveal exactly how to fix the leak. We not only identify how your internal activities influenced your buyer’s decision to continue or limit business with you, but we also close the loop by collating all root causes and creating action items in TruVoice.

Looking Closer: How our proven methodology works for you

How will the new Discovery Services make such a difference? Let’s take a look:

We follow each buyer interview with a Discovery Session. We host a focused conference call with your account team after every interview to understand how their activities influenced your buyer’s experience. While your buyer interviews collect what happened, your internal team provides crucial context and explains why it happened. This is how we connect the cause (your actions) to the effect (your buyer’s perception).

We strategically focus the Discovery Session on the areas important to your buyer. Prior to the Discovery Session, our analyst and consultant narrow down your buyer’s feedback to the most impactful areas (what made a difference to this buyer in their decision?). We focus the Discovery Session on topics that actually influenced your buyer’s experience, so that we uncover root causes for topics that are timely and relevant.

Our expert consultant hosts each Discovery Session to capture root causes and action items. Our consultant leads the Discovery Session and frames the session with two questions:

  1. What happened internally to influence your buyer’s decision?
  2. What immediate actions need to happen with this buyer?

Your consultant captures a root cause for each of your buyer’s main decision points. From there, they immediately translate these findings into action items for your team. Be ready to answer questions like, “Going forward, what would you do differently or the same?” And, “In retrospect, would you change anything?”

After the session, we pair the findings from your Discovery Session with your buyer’s insights. Our analyst reviews each buyer insight and identifies the corresponding root cause provided by your team, and they write a succinct recap of the root cause (a “Discovery Insight”).  They prepare a deliverable that gives you a side-by-side view of the cause (what your internal team did) and the effect (what your buyer observed). This deliverable is posted right with the buyer interview in TruVoice Profiler, making the findings easily accessible.

We create Action Items in TruVoice so a “to-do” never goes missing. Following each session, our analyst also combs through the Discovery Session findings and creates tactical action items in TruVoice. Once created, you receive an immediate email notification with the task. Since the action item lives in TruVoice, you have the ability to update it, track it, and receive ongoing alerts about its progress.

Are you ready to get started? If you’re ready to take the leap from collecting data to creating measureable outcomes for your organization, talk to your Program Consultant. Not a client yet? No worries. We’re ready to put you on the right track. Contact us today.


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