Outcomes 2016 Conference

Elevate Your Win Loss and Customer Experience Programs

You made the wise choice to implement a Win Loss or Customer Experience program. Now you’re ready to take it to the next level. You want to see outcomes – real goals reached from the findings gathered. But how?

Primary Intelligence has helped your peers with the same struggles elevate their outcomes with amazing results.

Elevate Your Programs

We’re sure you are interested in replicating success experienced by those who have achieved outcomes. Attending Elevate Your Programs at our Outcomes 2016 conference will guide you through the ins and outs of a successful and elevated program. You’ll walk away inspired and ready to put it all into action.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Session 1: Winning the Sample Battle with Engagement

Focus: Sample Best Practices – How Sales & Executive Engagement Will Solve Your Sample Problems

Learn best practices from existing Win Loss customers on how to solve your problems with gathering opportunities from the sales team.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Find out how to gather sample from the sales teams
  • Understand who within your organization can help you
  • Find out how to pull sample from your CRM and verify it with the sales reps
  • Obtain buy-in from sales execs and the team by using our Sample Services to remove the burden of verifying opportunities
  • Learn how to improve the sample collection process within your organization
  • Streamline the process by using Sample Services or TruVoice Nominations

Speaker: Glen Remy, Program Consultant

“Almost every client I deal with struggles with gathering opportunities from the sales team or account reps at one time or another. So what can you do if you’re dealing with a similar issue on your Win Loss or Customer Experience program? The solution may seem somewhat simple, yet even the best companies can struggle with it, it’s all about ‘engagement’. I’m excited to share my experience and real world examples of how companies turned their Win Loss and Customer Experience programs into company altering programs by engaging the sales teams and executive leadership. You won’t believe the difference it will make on the success of your program!” ~ Glen Remy, Program Consultant


Session 2: 10 Roadblocks to Success (and How to Overcome Them)

Focus: Roadblocks that Hinder a Smooth Program and What to do About Them

Having trouble getting traction with your win loss or customer experience program? Have the results you were expecting been caught in a traffic jam with no visible end in sight? This session discusses some of the common roadblocks that prevent a program from achieving its full potential and provides real success stories on how to overcome them.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Get actionable solutions to the roadblocks you face
  • Find out how other organizations are hurdling those roadblocks and how you can implement them in your program

Speaker: Graham Triggs, Program Consultant

“While I’ve lived in Utah for over 20 years, I’ve only been to Park City a handful of times. So I’m extremely excited to enjoy its beauty while having the opportunity to meet our great clients. I’m looking forward to making this session informative, memorable, and most of all fun (I have a few tricks up my sleeve.) Looking forward to seeing you this fall in Utah’s beautiful mountains!” ~ Graham Triggs, Program Consultant


Session 3: Moving from Data to Transformation

Focus: Dispersing Information Throughout the Organization and Putting Data into Action

You’ve got the data from your customers and your internal teams. Now what? Put that data into action within your company to boost your sales success rate AND customer retention and growth. You’ll learn how to apply learnings from one program to the other. Aligning your message and support from pre-sales through long-term relationships result in a mutually beneficial customer journey that lead to renewal after renewal after renewal. 

What You’ll Gain:

  • Get a higher return on your Win Loss and Customer Experience program investment
  • Learn how to elevate the buy-in and goodwill from sales as you help your teams increase their commission income
  • Document the specific steps you took based on buyer and internal feedback
  • Be able to keep up with—and anticipate—customers’ needs and evolving competitors 

Speaker: Lisa Allen, Program Consultant

“Often, companies have trouble acting on the data that flows into their organizations. That includes Win Loss and Customer Experience programs. They receive detailed, in-depth feedback from customers in the interview and surveys and the teams enjoy the post mortems we do regarding the interviews. It’s that next step that often isn’t taken: What do we DO about it? That’s how we can help. We can point in the right direction and give you a gentle nudge to keep you moving forward. Join me as we explore how to act on what you now know from your customers and your sales and account teams.” ~ Lisa Allen, Program Consultant


Are you ready to take your Win Loss and Customer Experience programs to the next level?



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