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Elevate Your Outcomes 2016 Conference! A Q&A with Ken Allred

With our first customer conference just weeks away, I asked Ken Allred, CEO of Primary Intelligence, about Outcomes 2016. Here is a selection from our conversation.

Ken Allred CEO

Ken Allred, CEO, Primary Intelligence

What does it mean for PI to be hosting their first customer conference?

It means we’ve grown as a company to a place where it makes sense for us to organize a conference that our customers can come together, meet one another, and share best practices as well as discuss current challenges they’re facing, etc.

What are you most excited for at the conference?

I am excited about bring our amazing customers together in an environment where we can focus on the current challenges they’re facing and expose them to content and best practices that can help them take their programs to the next level.

Who should be attending Outcomes 2016?

Anyone that has responsibility for managing a win loss analysis or customer experience program. Anyone that would like to learn how to better leverage their programs to drive better results. Anyone interested in learning how win loss analysis and customer experience programs can and should deliver revenue.

How will attending benefit clients?

By attending Outcomes 2016, clients will:

1.      Learn best practices in sales, sales operations, marketing, delivery, and product management

2.      Gain a deeper understanding of how to improve the results of your program(s)

3.      Learn how to leverage your win loss analysis and customer experience responsibilities to advance your career

4.      See the latest product developments and PI’s roadmap for win loss analysis and customer experience

5.      Meet with Primary Intelligence leadership and voice your ideas and needs

6.      Meet and network with others interested in win loss analysis and customer experience

What is your personal goal for attendees?

I have a few goals for attendees this year:

1.      Help attendees define the specific outcomes they want from their programs that are measurable and meaningful to their organization

2.      Show attendees how their programs can absolutely deliver those outcomes

3.      Ensure every attendee learns at least one new best practice that they can implement in their organizations to help them achieve better results with their programs

Ken Allred is not the only one who is excited for Outcomes 2016.

Our Primary Intelligence leadership team share some of their goals for Outcomes 2016:

Brodie Smith“Any current client or company interested in improving their overall sales objectives and goals. This gives potential clients a perfect opportunity to see what PI has to offer them through their service offering.”

Brodie Smith, VP of Employee Success


Erik Westerlind“The conference will specifically allow our consultants to work with our clients to eliminate the obstacles most of our programs face that keep them from achieving the outcomes they want to achieve.”

Erik Westerlind, VP of Customer Success


Lance Davis, Vice President of Business Development“Every organization that is beginning the journey or already entrenched in the journey will better understand ways to grow their revenue.”

Lance Davis, VP of Business Development


Patrick Ferguson5“A customer will learn to go beyond just data and see how our Win Loss and Customer Experience programs can elevate their company’s revenue and in the process, elevate their own career. These are the Outcomes we want to help customers achieve.”

Patrick Ferguson, VP of Marketing



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