Two Key Product Management Metrics

Saeed, in his blog post at On Product Management, posited the question, why is it difficult to measure the value and contribution of product management? To help us focus on the right metrics, he defined Product Managements mandate as:

Product Managements mandate is to optimize the business at a product, product line, or product portfolio level over the product lifecycle.

This is a great question and his definition of the Product Managements mandate really got me thinking.

New Industry Report Available, “Changing Your Sales Outcomes”

Buyers across industries shared this common narrative, too. If you can sharpen the tip of the spear—your sales team—and understand your buyer’s needs first, then you’ll have a better chance of hitting the mark with both your product and price. The ability to understand and address a buyer’s needs is the key difference between closing the deal or ending up in the “done differently” group.

7 Things All Sales Proposals Should Have Before Submitting to Buyers

Often premature proposals languish in sellers’ pipelines. With every passing month the probability of getting the business wanes. A way to minimize the chances of this happening is to review a draft copy of a proposal before sending it out. This is good for buyers in that there will be no surprises in the final document. Sellers benefit because they can get the proposal right the first time.