3 Things You Must Know Before Selling to the B2B Market

We look at ways in which B2B buyers are identifying and selecting their top tier of vendors for purchase evaluations—how they’re coming up with their short list of contenders (often with very little or NO input from sales or company reps). We also examine how B2B buyers expect excellence from their vendors, based largely on their expectations from their experiences as consumers in B2C transactions. Finally, we share the importance of personas and journey mapping in terms of better understanding B2B buyers.

The Value of Sales Process

With no offense intended, having sellers grade pipelines is analogous to allowing inmates run the asylum. Sellers less than YTD will often reduce the bar for qualification. Their primary motivation in “forecasting” is to convince their managers everything will be okay moving forward. Better to give sellers a more realistic view of their pipelines after being graded by their manager.