Outcomes 2016 Conference

Outcomes 101: Turning Data into Revenue

As with everything in life, having goals is important. Without a destination in mind, you could wander aimlessly for months or even years without really accomplishing anything. The same holds true for strategic Win Loss and Customer Experience programs.

Data may be interesting but if it’s not actionable, then it’s ultimately useless. At Primary Intelligence, our mantra for Win Loss and Customer Experience programs is to deliver outcomes – not just data.

Think of data as your roadmap to revenue through organizational change.

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Outcomes 2016 Conference

Elevate Your Win Loss and Customer Experience Programs

You made the wise choice to implement a Win Loss or Customer Experience program. Now you’re ready to take it to the next level. You want to see outcomes – real goals reached from the findings gathered. But how?

Primary Intelligence has helped your peers with the same struggles elevate their outcomes with amazing results.

Elevate Your Programs

We’re sure you are interested in replicating success experienced by those who have achieved outcomes. Attending Elevate Your Programs at our Outcomes 2016 conference will guide you through the ins and outs of a successful and elevated program. You’ll walk away inspired and ready to put it all into action.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

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State of CX 2016

New CX Research from Primary Intelligence Finds B2B Firms Are Getting Serious About Customer Feedback

In Primary Intelligence’s recently published 2016 State of Customer Experience research findings, we found some interesting data points to suggest that B2B firms are increasingly serious about collecting, analyzing, and responding to feedback from their customers. In this blog, we share three of the more interesting findings from our latest annual research on the Customer Experience (CX) market.

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Phone Interviews w/Customers

Customer Phone Interviews: A Better Way to Gather Customer Experience Feedback [Infographic]

When collecting feedback from our customers, we know we need to get the sincerest input from them if we want to provide customers with the most valuable experience.

While NPS surveys, on-site visits, one-on-one interviews are effective ways to collect feedback, they don’t fully capture the golden nuggets we’re looking for.

Companies often neglect the most cost-effective and beneficial way to understanding customers and their specific needs.

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Outcomes 2016 Conference

Announcing Outcomes 2016: Elevate Your Outcomes Conference

Outcomes 2016 is the event to optimize your Win Loss and/or Customer Experience program. You’ll discover new ways to leverage intelligence, make the most out of TruVoice, and achieve program outcomes. It’s the place to be to ensure your organization is elevated through the use of Primary Intelligence solutions and services.

Phone Discussion for Collecting Customer Insights

Why Phone Interviews are Our Favorite Method for Collecting Customer Insights

Primary Intelligence’s Research & Development division was tasked with developing new solutions that allow our clients to understand and act on the insights we gather through our Win Loss and Customer Experience programs. Plus, anything else we think sounds interesting.

To succeed, our lifeblood is customer insights. We want to hear how they spend their days, their problems, what they like most about our services, where they want us to improve, and everything in between. We also talk to plenty of non-customers (or, to use the marketing euphemism, “potential customers”) to identify new problems we might solve.

We’ve worked with plenty of sales leaders, and their need for customer insights was just as urgent. In fact, there are probably few jobs in an organization that wouldn’t benefit from customer insights. We all want to understand our customer better. So, how do you do it?

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Customer Experience

New eBook Series: Your Guide to B2B Customer Experience

Customer Experience – also know as CX – is the collection of all experiences a customer has with your company. With the competition in today’s marketplace being tighter than ever, customer experience is more important than ever. The moment your customer doesn’t see the benefit of using your solution, they will jump ship. If that’s not enough to sway you, Read more

Expanding Revenue

Expanding Revenue Through Customer Experience Programs

All companies look for ways to grow revenue, and increasingly, employees in every department—not just sales and business development—are called upon to identify opportunities for revenue expansion. In these scenarios, department heads will often look to the organization’s existing customer base to upsell and cross-sell new products and services.

This, in turn, typically leads to questions of, “How satisfied are our customers?” and “Have our customers benefited from a good customer experience with our organization?” Having a Customer Experience (CX) Program in place helps to facilitate answers to these questions.

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Win Loss Analysis means more money

Why Revenue Retention—Not Just Customer Retention—Is Important in CX Success

A Vice President of Marketing we once worked with had a saying that he would frequently use throughout his day: “Not that.”

His “Not that” saying was his way of staying focused on the most important tasks at hand and not getting sidetracked by extraneous events. “Not that” should come to mind as we juggle both professional and personal obligations. What’s most important – “that.” What can wait until later – “not that.”

As companies try to maximize revenue and profitability, they often try to determine which customers are most critical and must be retained (“that”), and which customers may not be as critical (“not that”) due to any number of reasons—misalignment between customer needs and solution capabilities, sky high support costs, or incompatibilities with future strategic direction.

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Revenue Leakage Cartoon

How Well Are You Tracking Revenue Leakage?

Revenue leakage is a term gaining increased attention as companies try to shore up all potential sources of income. Revenue leakage is defined as customers spending less money with their providers than anticipated over the course of the contract. For example, if a provider signs a $1 million contract but can only invoice for 50% of the contract value by the end of the term, they’ve experience revenue leakage of $500,000.

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Business Growth with B2B Buyer Loyalty

B2B Buyer Loyalty: Lights the Way to Business Growth [Infographic]

How certain are you that your organization will be asked to bid in future opportunities with a coveted account? How sure are you that customers will recommend your brand to colleagues and friends?

Primary Intelligence’s latest industry report found that 46% of all B2B buyers say they’ll consider evaluated vendors for future business opportunities with their organizations.

The report also revealed that just 40% of buyers gave high marks to vendors when asked their opinion about product quality. Even fewer buyers—just 39%—said they’d recommend the vendors they evaluated to other companies and friends.

One key takeaway: Stay in touch with buyers, even when a sales deal is lost.

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Customer Retention example

Customer Retention: Lessons Learned from my Auto Mechanic

When my car needed to be repaired recently, I asked friends and neighbors for their recommendations. Their responses were uniform: John at Island Center Auto.

I wasn’t surprised. We had used John for car repairs in the past. It didn’t matter that we had different makes and models of cars. It didn’t matter that we didn’t know John’s last name (he’s known in the community simply as “John”).

It didn’t matter that John never answers his phone and prefers to communicate by fax. (Fax!) It didn’t matter that John doesn’t have email. Or a website. Or a cell phone.

All that was important was John’s reputation as the go-to guy for car repair.

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Keep Customer Happy with Sales Checklist

I read it in a book, so I know it’s true…

The other day I went out to lunch with a friend of mine who I have known for quite some time. He has a wife and two cute kids and a good profession in management. While at lunch he was telling me how his wife has him reading this book on marital relationships. He tells me how the author of the book advises him that if he would participate more in the chores around the house such as washing dishes, cooking, and doing the laundry that he would have a happier marriage. He thought those were sound principles that he could abide by.

I asked him if he talked to his wife about the book. He said “Yes,” and her response was, “No, I like to do the chores because I feel accomplished after I do them.” So he asked her what she really wanted from him that would make her happy. Her answer Read more

Hand tools

World Class Tools Won’t Hide Poor Customer Experience

When I was about 14, my dad went through the manly ritual of teaching me to shave. The tools were fairly archaic (at least I think a sharpened shell would by today’s standards be considered fairly archaic), but the principles have lasted to this day. I distinctly recall him telling me “up and down is fine, but NEVER shave side to side.”

Over the years, the tools improved and the triple blade razor was introduced. As a picky shaver with sensitive skin, I was in nirvana. It was a bit pricier than I liked, but it truly was the best this man could get. In my opinion, the razor war was won with this salvo. Game over. Congratulations.

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Buyer Loyalty: Trust Me

Trust Me! Why Building Trust Gains Buyer Loyalty

When sales professionals sell products and services to prospective buyers, buyers want to know that the sales team understands their business needs at a deep and fundamental level. The more closely the sales team can demonstrate a connection between the buyer’s needs and how the solution will address those needs, the more likely the buyer is to choose that particular solution and trust the sales team over the long term.

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Customer Jobs

Help Me Help You – Give Your Customers a Job

As I clicked End Call on my phone, I sat gob smacked thinking about what a vendor’s customer service representative had just told me: “Well ma’am, you should know what we need from you when you order. Hopefully now you’ll know what to do in the future.”

I had called to get clarification on what caused a shipping issue and was told if I had included the company name, there wouldn’t have been a problem. After I suggested adding that requirement into the order process, the rep shrugged (yes, I could hear it through the phone) and said I should have known.

This is an extreme example. It’s almost comical how poor the rep was at helping me solve my issue. It’s a case study into how not to be terrible at customer service.

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Head gears

What do Prospective Customers and Current Customers have in Common?

In Primary Intelligence’s annual State of Customer Experience research, we examined what companies are doing when reaching out to customers and making changes to their organizations based on customer feedback.

In reflecting upon the results of our State of Customer Experience research, I couldn’t help but notice similarities with earlier research we’d done on Understanding Buyer Needs. Our research on Understanding Buyer Needs was focused on sales intelligence and, specifically, on understanding how buyers rate sales teams in competitive evaluations.

Both research projects—the Customer Experience research and the Buyer Needs research—highlight the importance of understanding the needs of buyers, whether they’re current customers or prospective customers:

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Customer Experience

Has Customer Experience Gone to the Dogs?

My husband didn’t accept my suggestion to pick up our dog’s heart worm medicine from our local vet’s office. Humpf. Now I’ll have to do it. It’s a trip I anticipate with dread.

Don’t get me wrong. Our vet is an excellent doctor. The staff is friendly, helpful, and caring. What more could a pet owner want?

A lot, it turns out. This vet’s office is  V E R Y… V E R Y …S L O W when it comes to getting customers through the check-out line, so to speak. I mentally gear up for a long wait and head out.

Darn. There’s a chatty woman at the counter with her chocolate lab and a collection of meds. The dog has been through some serious trauma and the woman is processing it all. Out loud. With the help of the vet technicians. Come on!” I think to myself. If you need a therapy session, step aside. It’s too bad about your dog, but I’m on a tight schedule tonight.

The receptionist smiles at me sweetly and says, “I’ll be with you in just a minute.” “Or two or three” I mentally reply. I smile back. “Sure.”

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CX in 4 Data Points

How I Uncovered Customer Experience Insights With Only Four Interviews

While working with a client in the Insurance industry, my team was asked to conduct Customer Experience interviews for a small portion of their Canadian market. And by small, I mean four interviews. Total.

However, these were key accounts the client did not want to lose, and the competition was advancing fast and hard. So getting detailed customer intel quickly was priority job #1.

So we suited up and got to work reaching out to these accounts. Over the next few weeks, we were able to schedule and complete all four interviews.

Small Sample Lead to Big Customer Experience Insights

Now you may think that four interviews is too small to understand what’s really going on in any market, especially for Customer Experience Analysis. In this case, however, it was gold. Read more

State of Customer Experience

Customer Experience: Engaging with Customers to Drive Your Success

Did you know:

  • As much as 80% of a typical company’s revenue comes from existing customers?
  • Acquiring new customers is between four and 10 times more expensive than preserving and growing existing customers?

Primary Intelligence recently published a new CX study entitled, “The State of Customer Experience,” in which we asked leading CX practitioners for feedback on their collection, analysis, distribution, and follow through on customer feedback.

We also asked them to share performance-related data so we could see which strategies and tactics are yielding the best outcomes in terms of company performance, Customer Experience IQ, and program success.

State of Customer Experience Highlights

Below are some of the more interesting findings from our State of Customer Experience research:

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