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Seven Marketing Best Practices to Increase Competitive Win Rates

No matter which industry you’re in, sales evaluations play a major part in your company’s success. While product features and functionality are usually the most important aspects in an evaluation, buyers still consider company reputation, service and support, and future direction in the final decision.

Here are seven best practices you can apply to increase competitive win rates for your company.

Win Loss Analysis Best Practice Series: Six Strategic Recommendations to Apply to Your Program

Win loss analysis is more than just gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market. It’s more than just sizing a market and understanding the growth rate, competitors, and buying segments. Win loss research is a sales, product, and marketing enablement tool focused on improving sales, improving the product/service, and improving a company’s market presence as a result of listening to customers.

Six Tips for Sharing B2B Customer Experience Insights with Employees

At Primary Intelligence, broad access to Customer Experience information is viewed as a best practice since this gives employees, managers, and executives deeper insights into customer perceptions of the organization. Widespread access also allows individuals at every level to construct possible remedies to address customer concerns and gives impetus and support for new initiatives.

Focus Forward: Revisiting Primary Intelligence 2nd Annual Outcomes 2017 Conference

Primary Intelligence celebrated its 2nd Outcomes 2017 conference and the following is a summary of the of the three-day event, which was held September 13-15 at the Grand Summit in Park City, Utah. Outcomes 2017 is the only conference dedicated to win loss and customer experience professionals.

Four Unexpected Benefits of Customer Experience Programs

Customer experience touchpoints occur immediately after the initial deployment and again periodically throughout the life of the solution’s use. A common practice is to engage with enterprise customers every six months to measure their satisfaction and identify areas for improvement in product, support, and training.

Customer Experience Insight Saves 1.5 Billion Dollar Renewal

In the dog eat dog world of pharmaceuticals, winning or losing your renewal contract has heavy ramifications. Knowing your customers’ experience with your product and the key decision drivers that keep them coming back is critical when playing at this level, as the competition is fierce, and loyalty is in no way guaranteed.

Win Loss Analysis: How to Calculate Your Win Rate

Primary Intelligence now offers a solution, TruSales for Salesforce.com users that provides a clear analysis of your sales win rate. You’ll instantly know the truth about your wins, lost deals, no decisions, and revenue by deal types. It’s completely free if you sign up now for the preview release.

Win Loss Analysis for Competitive Sales: When You Know More, You Win More

Win loss analysis is a branch of market research focused on understanding why companies win or lose new business opportunities. By implementing a win loss program, you can obtain reliable, actionable, and unbiased feedback about how well your sales team performed in recent competitive opportunities. You can identify the best practices of your top performers, your competitive positioning within each opportunity, how well your solutions were received, and much more.