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What is Sales Intelligence?

Sometimes, it is interesting to try to classify different areas of research and intelligence to see how certain specialties have originated, evolved and grown into their own species, so to speak. This study of sales intelligence can provide intelligence practitioners with the ability to see how their efforts might support or interrelate with other disciplines.

Stop Measuring Customer Satisfaction

We recently worked with a company trying to fix their high customer attrition rate with annual customer satisfaction surveys. Their survey project was successful. Fixing the attrition rate was not. But why? The company measured satisfaction, and the numbers said customers were not satisfied. To raise the numbers, the company formulated and implemented action plans. Sounds […]

Heard Enough About Big Data? Try Little Data Instead

While collecting more data over time helps to fill in blank spaces and turn unresolved questions into answers, firms can and should take action on key learnings they uncover in their Little Data research projects, especially when the feedback is consistent and provides detailed guidance on next steps. Always waiting for more and better data will only frustrate buyers and allow competitors to take advantage of indecision and inaction.

Understanding Why Good Sales Teams Lose in Competitive B2B Opportunities [eBook]

Sales losses are hard. And they’re especially hard when the engagement has been long, difficult, and complex. Sales teams often feel as though they’ve given their best proposal, their best price, their best value proposition. But sometimes, that just isn’t enough to seal the deal.

Understanding Competitors in Dynamic, Fast-Changing Markets [eBook]

Understanding competitors is challenging, even in the most stable of industries. When trying to understand competitive dynamics in fluid markets, the task becomes even more difficult, especially if your firm has allocated only limited funds for competitive intelligence capture, analysis, reporting, and dissemination.

New CX Research from Primary Intelligence Finds B2B Firms Are Getting Serious About Customer Feedback

In Primary Intelligence’s recently published 2016 State of Customer Experience research findings, we found some interesting data points to suggest that B2B firms are increasingly serious about collecting, analyzing, and responding to feedback from their customers. In this blog, we share three of the more interesting findings from our latest annual research on the Customer Experience (CX) market.

Want to Dig Deeper on Competitors? Consider Win Loss.

Win Loss Analysis explains why buyers choose the winning vendor in competitive sales opportunities, and why they don’t choose the losing vendors. Typically, product considerations are the most important factor in buyers’ final selection decisions. However, other factors also come into play, such as sales rep performance, company reputation, service and support, and pricing.

Highlight Industry Expertise When Selling to B2B Buyers

Out of the eight company-related criteria measured in Primary Intelligence Win Loss programs, we found that the most important company attribute is experience in a buyer’s industry. Having deep expertise is overwhelmingly the most important company-related reason buyers use to determine if they should or shouldn’t do business with a vendor.

How Well Are You Tracking Revenue Leakage?

Knowing what issues customers are experiencing with your solution, your support team, and your organization overall is the first step in addressing revenue leakage. And to find out, many firms implement Customer Experience programs, which provide a mechanism for customers to provide their feedback on a regular basis.