Customer Success: How to Make CX a Strategic Priority at Your Organization

Customer experience is more important in 2019 than it ever has been considering the plethora of choices available to buyers. If that statement alone is not enough to convince you, then understanding new customer acquisition costs can being between 4 and 10 times more than…

Buyer Evaluation Process: What Every Sales & Marketing Leader Needs to Know

Knowing your buyer’s evaluation process is one of the most critical elements to include in the sales strategy. Having this knowledge is critical to not only the sales rep’s success but also can serve as a roadmap for the marketing team to create sales and…

Win Loss Best Practice Series: Four Ways to Eliminate Bias in Your Win Loss Analysis Surveys

Demonstrating the value of your products and services in a way that resonates with your buyers is the difference between winning and losing, between developing a trusted partnership or just being another vendor. To do this effectively, you need to know and understand your buyers,…

After the Customer Interview, Turn Feedback into Action

Increased revenue, saving existing relationships, and applying the key learnings towards future opportunities should be the result of actionable intelligence gathered during customer interviews. No one likes to lose, but in sales it is going to happen. Instead of looking around for someone to blame, the key is to gather as much information as possible about why you lose and then apply those learnings to future opportunities. If done correctly, the improvements made as a result of the feedback should help to reduce the number of losses that happen.

The Compartmentalization of Competitive Intelligence in a Company

At Primary Intelligence, we have a strong value proposition and were pretty good at communication the message. To us, the true value of what we do is obvious. The list of people in a company that should benefit from our services is well defined. In other words, were a simple plug-in solution that solves a set of problems and provides an expected value.

Customers vs. Prospects: Aligning Customer Experience and Win Loss Analysis

There are more questions that can and should be asked; the important concept though is that you need to design your research to be able to make appropriate comparisons between the two groups of customers. Without the ability to align the needs of customers and the wants of prospects, I cannot understand what my products need to satisfy the differing desires of each.

3 Ways Successful Companies Use Win Loss Analysis

Win Loss Analysis can provide you with a clear path to the answers you seek. In the past, win loss analysis has been used solely as a way to evaluate and adjust sales performance, but more and more companies are discovering the usefulness of win loss analysis as a tool to be used for much broader, more strategic purposes.

What is Win Loss Analysis?

At the most basic level, win loss analysis helps sales, marketing, and product leaders understand the reasons for their organizational wins and losses so that they can increase their win rates and capture more business in the future. Win loss programs are important at all…