Written by Jonnie Anderson, Marketing Manager at Primary Intelligence

As marketers running a win-loss program, we often struggle to share findings with other departments in our organizations. Win-Loss Analysis impacts all customer-centric departments and creates alignment throughout your organization when insights are shared and discussed. In this article, we’ll cover some best practices for sharing your win-loss insights with other stakeholders and teams.

Who should care about Win-Loss Analysis?

The short answer? EVERYONE! From your c-level executives to your front-line sales reps and everyone in between, each customer-centric role in your organization can apply win-loss findings to impact company goals.

Specifically, win-loss insights should be shared with:

Best Practice for Sharing Win-Loss insights:

Paint a Complete Picture

Through Primary Intelligence, you’re able to automate the collection and analysis of your buyer feedback. This means that you can gather data on more of your deals to get an unprecedented view of what your buyers experience during the sales process. When sharing insights with other teams, ensure that you are telling the whole story and demonstrate each insight’s significance within that story. It’s not enough to pull a few random snippets of data. Instead, help your team understand the importance of your findings by showing how each insight ties back to the complete picture.

Make It Relevant

When sharing insights with any department, ensure that the insights are relevant to that specific team. Everyone is busy and bombarded with information all day. Primary Intelligence provides many insights, and it can be tempting to share all the insights you receive. By ensuring the insights we share are relevant, concise, and compelling based on the role of the person you are sharing with, each team member will be able to internalize these insights and implement these findings within their current initiatives.

Here are some examples of insights that may be relevant to particular teams:

  • Overall win-loss reasons
  • Competitor information
  • Winnable deals and the revenue associated

Sales Leaders & Coaches

  • Top reasons for wins and losses – overall and by rep
  • Insights related to the sales rep experience
  • Winnable deals and the revenue associated

Front-line Sales Reps

  • Personal reasons for wins and losses
  • Competitive battle card information
  • Examples from buyer feedback about sales experience

Customer Experience

  • Won deals + any insights related to negative experience or reservations
  • Win-level (ie. Weak win, Moderate win, Strong win, etc)
  • Sales experience insights


  • Losses related to product
  • Wins related to product
  • Feedback related to product demonstration

Tie Back to Company Goals

Each team member wants to know how the insights you share will empower them to reach their goals. When sharing insights, be sure to tie actionable suggestions for how each team can use the information. When we connect insights back to how a team can accomplish their goals, you’ll see an increase in excitement and application of insights to processes and tactics.

Visualize Insights

TruVoice allows you to slice your win-loss data into relevant segments that are displayed in digestible reports and dashboards. We can easily export these visual dashboards and use them when sharing insights. Giving teams a visual representation of their data can help each team member internalize insights and understand the significance quickly. When sharing your win-loss findings, we recommend always including the visuals found in the platform.

Use Buyer Quotes

One of the best things about gathering feedback directly from your buyers is seeing a myriad of quotes that back up your insights. These quotes help to make the insights inarguable and eliminate bias around why you win and lose from “the loudest voice in the meeting”. We can use quotes from your buyer feedback to really drive insights home and help personify the data.


Win-Loss Analysis impacts all customer-centric departments in your organization. If we share these insights in a way that helps each team member internalize why buyers say you win or lose, we’ll be more likely to reach company goals, increase win rates and revenue, and dominate our industries!


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