Reliability and Performance - TruVoice from Corporate Visions (Formerly Primary Intelligence)

Reliability and Performance

Organizations run their mission critical win loss analysis and customer experience operations on Primary Intelligence products, which is why we are committed to delivering solutions that are always available, stable, reliable and secure at scale.

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Global Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure takes advantage of elastic scale, multi-instance redundancy, and failure options to maintain reliability, and scale with your organization’s needs.

High Availability

We employ multiple instances of redundancy to ensure that the TruVoice and TruSales SaaS environments are available 24×7, so your teams can count on our solutions that allow them to focus on your organization’s objectives.

Disaster Recovery

Primary Intelligence maintains a Continuity of Operations (COOP) and has disaster recovery plans that are tested at least once per year. Implemented backup policies and procedures give our customers the assurance that we can recover from any disaster quickly and efficiently.

Platform Performance

Primary Intelligence is committed to continuously looking for ways to improve our solutions performance by monitoring key performance metrics, including page load times, search responsiveness, and API response times.

Real-time Status Transparency

Primary Intelligence makes it easy to stay informed on our system availability and performance. We maintain a publicly available system-status page that includes system availability details, scheduled maintenance, service incident history, and relevant security events for both TruVoice and TruSales.