Founder & CEO

Ken Allred is a thought leader in win loss analysis, sales intelligence, and sales enablement solutions. With an extensive background in sales, sales management, and product management, Ken is committed to the optimization of these areas through the implementation of Primary Intelligence’s win loss and customer experience solutions.

Ken first became interested in sales and product marketing while studying business at the University of Utah. After college, he spent ten years honing his skills in sales and sales management positions with innovation leaders such as National MicroComputers, Information Enabling Technologies, SunGard HTE, and PeopleSoft. During his tenure at PeopleSoft, Ken identified a critical missing element in the enterprise sales process—an accurate and objective method for understanding buyers’ decisions and making meaningful change based on that information. As no one at the time provided this kind of information in a form designed specifically for improving sales effectiveness and competitive win rates, he founded Primary Intelligence to meet this need.

Ken grew up the oldest of 19 brothers and sisters in Park City, Utah. Ken is married with four children and lives in Draper, Utah.

Insights from Ken

“Win loss analysis, when performed correctly, always increases new business win rates. If you aren’t experiencing this most important benefit, then you are not doing it right.”

“The people who reap the biggest benefits from a voice of the buyer program are the ones who take the feedback at face value. They don’t try to rationalize it away. They don’t try to discount it. They embrace it. And it always leads to innovation and a competitive advantage.”

“You can and will receive value from your win loss program from the very first opportunity that you analyze. And as you add more data points, you will receive further validation and discover important, new insights. It would be a serious error to believe that you need to wait until you have a ‘sufficient number’ of data points before you can realize value in your win loss program.”

“A common first reaction to feedback from buyers is resistance. But when buyers keep coming back and saying that they didn’t select you because of the issue, you can’t keep your head in the sand any longer. You have to make a change.”

“Win loss programs act a directional compass for every department in the enterprise, clearly identifying what to work on to improve competitive advantage and drive win rates up.”

Mr. Green & The Five Firms

Lazy, Crazy, Bashful, Dopey, and Happy are roles that every sales rep has purposely or inadvertently played at one time or another. Which role are you playing in the deals you’re pursuing today?

Who Benefits from Win Loss Analysis?

Win Loss Analysis benefits more than just your sales team. It can affect every aspect of your organization from strategic direction and marketing to operations and implementation.