Primary Intelligence Releases New Industry Insights Report “How to Win at a Higher Price”

New Research reveals approaches in B2B sales opportunities that led companies to win or lose when priced higher than the competition

DRAPER, Utah (May 3, 2018) – A new Industry Insights research report from Primary Intelligence finds that in 25% of B2B sales wins, buyers selected the more expensive vendor. But selling at a higher price also comes with risk. Almost 50% of losses are priced higher than the competition.

The comprehensive study from 900 highly competitive B2B sales deals uncovered practices needed to win higher priced sales opportunities: Buyers typically evaluate higher priced vendors by balancing value and risk across the vendor’s product performance, perception of vendor stability and support, and vendor’s ability to understand the buyer’s needs. The study also illustrates how companies can use their higher price as an asset.

The report, titled How to Win at a Higher Price highlights key strategies B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders can implement to win as the higher priced vendor. The report shares best practices such as:

  • How to avoid the higher-priced deal breakers
  • How to win without conceding on price
  • The most important advantage vendors can establish
  • The must-haves the buyers seek and how vendors can meet them

“These results validate the notion that being the higher priced vendor does not always translate to a lost sales opportunity. The ability to demonstrate value and clearly delineate differences in the product are critical factors that must be proven for the higher priced vendor to win,” said Melissa Short, Industry Insights Director at Primary Intelligence. She also shared, “Understanding buyer needs is another tipping point between wins and losses for higher-priced deals.”

The report is part of the Industry Insights series from Primary Intelligence. More information about the report can be found at An infographic of the report is also available at

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