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Primary Intelligence launches enhanced offering to gather sales intelligence for Win Loss Analysis

Primary Intelligence launches enhanced offering to gather sales intelligence for Win Loss Analysis

Discovery sessions help sales teams uncover root causes for a buyer’s experience in a sales engagement

DRAPER, Utah (September 28, 2015) – Primary Intelligence today introduced enhancements to its sales feedback offering, Discovery Services, aimed at formalizing the process for uncovering root causes from the sales team in B2B sales opportunities.

Discovery Services now include a moderated and recorded sales team conference call hosted by a trained Primary Intelligence facilitator to understand how the team’s activities influenced a buyer’s experience and decision. The sessions are then analyzed to identify root causes of the decision and to find best practices that can be employed in future deals to win more.

The service also assists with internal communication through a launch meeting, scheduling of each session, and distribution of the key findings.

“Our Discovery Services are unique because we go beyond the buyer’s feedback and really understand what happened on our client’s side to facilitate a win or a loss,” said Melissa Short, VP of Product Management and leader of this product enhancement. “We capture that intelligence, document it, and share it so everyone can see how to close a win or how to curb a loss.”

Discovery Services are a core component of Primary Intelligence’s Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis services. The product was first introduced in 2014 as a pilot program. After successfully helping a select number of pilot clients improve their win rates, Primary Intelligence opted to formalize the product and roll it out to all clients.

Primary Intelligence CEO Ken Allred identified discovery sessions as a critical component of Win Loss and Customer Experience programs that drive an increase in new and existing business win rates.

“Discovery sessions give our clients pinpoint accuracy on identifying what will move the sales needle the most,” said Allred. “Your buyers identify the direction you need to move in and, through discovery sessions, your sellers identify how you need to move.”

Primary Intelligence guarantees a 10% increase to win rates when both buyer interviews and sales team discovery sessions are in place.

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Primary Intelligence delivers outcomes for B2B marketing, sales, and product leaders. We teach clients how to win and retain more revenue by speaking directly to buyers and sales teams to uncover root causes through our Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis programs. Our expert consultants initiate change in Fortune 500 companies.

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