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Primary Intelligence Celebrates World CX Day

Primary Intelligence Celebrates World #CXDay

Company releases CX Resources, giveaway of State of Customer Experience report, and offer for two free CX interviews

DRAPER, Utah (Oct 6, 2015) – Primary Intelligence is joining in the CX Day celebrations, a global event that celebrates customers, customer experience professionals, and delivering exceptional service.

The Company released new resources, a giveaway for the upcoming State of Customer Experience report, and an offer for two free Customer Experience interviews. Primary Intelligence is also participating in social media channels on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Primary Intelligence has been providing Customer Experience Analysis services in its current form since 2012, though has done customer experience research since its founding in 2000. Customer Experience Analysis is offered as a “sister” option to Win Loss Analysis services, with both services focused on winning, retaining, and growing revenue.

CEO Ken Allred believes Primary Intelligence’s solution is unique because of its focus on customer outcomes and how well solutions are meeting those needs, which is the core of understanding the customer’s experience.

“In reality, the biggest influence on your customer’s experience is your ability to deliver the outcomes they wanted when they decided to buy from you,” said Allred. “You can provide the best support in the world, have wonderful relationships, and be beloved by your customer, but if you can’t deliver what you promised, your customer will leave you as soon as they find someone who can.”


CX Day official website: www.cxday.org

Website for CXPX (Customer Experience Professionals), host of CX Day: http://www.cxpa.org/

About Primary Intelligence

Primary Intelligence delivers outcomes for B2B marketing, sales, and product leaders. We teach you how to win and retain more revenue by speaking directly to buyers and sales teams to uncover root causes through our Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis programs. Our expert consultants initiate change in Fortune 500 companies.

Primary Intelligence began in CEO Ken Allred’s basement in 2000. The company is privately held and headquartered in Draper, Utah. For more information, visit: http://www.primary-intel.com/about-us/.


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