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About Us

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Primary Intelligence delivers elevated outcomes for B2B marketing, sales, and product leaders. Our advanced Win Loss and Customer Experience methodologies and TruVoice software are beyond anything else offered in the market today. Our proven methods give our customers a competitive advantage through much deeper insights that come from speaking directly to buyers and sellers. The outcomes? Significantly increased win and retention rates and exponential revenue growth.

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What We Do

We deliver elevated outcomes like dramatically increased sales win rates, better revenue retention, and sustainable revenue growth. Our Win Loss Analysis and Customer Experience Analysis programs seek to answer one important question:

What do you need to change to achieve the outcomes you want?

We use primary-source research, which means speaking directly to your buyers, sellers, and account teams. Then we conduct in-depth analysis to find trends, best practices, and root causes. It’s all supported by our TruVoice software, which we use for deep research and to deliver answers to your strategic leaders using a powerful yet simple to use dashboard.

Every program is spearheaded by a team of dedicated consultants, analysts, and project managers. So, you’re never far from someone focused on delivering your elevated outcome.

Find Listening Posts

Determine which buyers or customers we need to speak to


Conduct web surveys and phone discussions with your buyers (recently closed deals or customer accounts)

Uncover Root Causes

Host discussions with your sales and account teams to find root causes for the buyer’s feedback

Initiate Change

Spend time with your leaders to explain what to work on

Celebrate Your Outcome

Because we deliver outcomes, not data

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