Your sales kick off (SKO) sets the tone for your go-to-market teams at the beginning of each year. But how do you put together an impactful sales kick off meeting for your B2B sales team? Here are some things to consider as you plan your sales kick off for 2023.

What is a sales kick off meeting?

Your sales kick off is designed to bring your sales, sales enablement, and marketing team together to ensure alignment in your go-to-market strategy for the new year. Sales kick off meetings may include metric reviews, goal reviews for the new year, and aligned expectations for sales and go-to-market teams.

How do I conduct a sales kick off meeting?

1. Select a Meaningful Theme

Start with an inspiring and memorable theme for your sales kick off. This theme should represent the goals and initiatives that you’d like your go-to-market team to accomplish in the year. Make your theme fun and plan each presentation, workshop, and speaker around this theme. You can then reference the theme throughout the year to call back to your sales kick off.

2. Use Buyer Feedback

There is nothing more powerful than the voice of your buyer when optimizing your sales processes and go-to-market strategy. When presenting insights from the previous year, be sure to use call outs from your buyer feedback (collected via Win-Loss Analysis) to support your insights. As you present new go-to-market initiatives, tie them back to things your buyers have said about their sales and buying experience. This buyer feedback is a powerful data source to help create relevance and help sales reps to internalize your changing go-to-market strategies.

3. Show Relevant Insights

Ensure the insights you share in your sales kick off are relevant to each team – and even down to each individual sales rep. By calling out insights from the rep-aggregate level, you can help each rep uncover their unique path to winning.

4. Deep Dive into Deals

Use a portion of your sales kick off to review select opportunities from the past year. Select wins, losses, and no decision opportunities to dissect as a group. The collaborative review of these opportunities – especially when supported by Win-Loss Analysis – can help your reps identify pitfalls to avoid and blaze new trails to winning more in the new year.

5. Use Break outs for Peer to Peer Coaching

Organize break out sessions where your go-to-market teams can work together. Facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions to create comradery and innovation among your sales, sales enablement, and marketing teams. This is a great opportunity for peer-to-peer coaching. Match up strengths and weakness for each rep to help everyone learn from each other.


Your sales kick off is a powerful event to help your go-to-market teams start off on the right foot. By using Win-Loss Analysis to tap into the unbiased voice of your buyer, you can understand where to create the most impact and align your go-to-market teams to your buyer needs.

For more information on how Win-Loss Analysis can power your sales kick off, schedule a call with our team today!