Written by Lindy Lemperle, Designer at Primary Intelligence

Sales reps can lean into buyer feedback and Win-Loss Analysis to win more deals.

Relevant customer feedback is utilized more in today’s world than it has ever been before. Whether it be major networks transforming new TV shows through capitalizing on viewer feedback, growing businesses utilizing real-time social listening and polls, or new technology startups making the most out of ratings and reviews.

Comparably, in a sales environment, data, intelligence and buyer feedback have never been more crucial to differentiating why B2B sales reps win and lose each and every day. And while buyer feedback can be greatly beneficial to a number of internal teams, sales teams should be taking particular notice. Here’s why.


The Sales Experience is Changing 

The B2B buyer’s journey is going digital. And as the buyer’s journey continues to shift to a digital experience, sales reps will need to rely on data and analytics over personal experience and gut feelings. It’s estimated that only 5% of the buyer’s journey is now spent with a sales rep. 

With buyers spending 95% of their journey without a sales rep, it is crucial for the reps to know exactly which factors are playing into their wins and losses before, inbetween, and after the time they actually have with the buyer. Understanding the complete picture will allow reps to maximize their success.  


The Need to Utilize Limited Time with Buyers

As mentioned above, the time buyers spend with sales reps is diminishing, however, the importance of that time is not. It is important for sales teams to realize that the time they have with an individual buyer cannot continue to be used to accomplish all that it did traditionally in the past. 

Sales reps must build trust, differentiate from competitors, understand your buyer’s needs, and close deals at the same rate, despite a shortened window of time with the buyer. 

The use of sales intelligence to understand the win and loss drivers – especially for competitve deals – is necessary to optimize the sales experience for future calls with new, leads and prospects. With their limited time, sales reps cannot afford missteps in sales process or experience.

Additionally, it has always been necessary for reps to understand the drivers surrounding their own personal wins and losses. However, this information can be hard to gather at scale without a fully automated solution.

The more sales teams are able to utilize their limited time with buyers, the greater their likelihood of winning when it matters most. 


Tailored Sales Coaching

There are some very well-marketed sales trainings, influencers and programs out on the market today that promise the secrets of unlocking success for your sales teams. Yet, they are rarely one-size-fits-all. 

One of the greatest benefits to a sales team that comes from buyer feedback is the ability to have tailored insights, given first-hand into what reps can do to improve. Buyer feedback takes the bias out of why your teams are winning and losing. And, it’s always accurate. 

Sales leaders and coaches can take insights and quotes from buyer feedback to personalize training sessions for reps and uncover each rep’s unique path to winning more.

Now is the time for sales reps to pay more attention than ever before to sales intelligence. And buyer feedback is the key to bridging the gap for sales intelligence to help you understand why you really win and lose. No deal is out of reach. Start tapping into your buyer feedback today.